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Back to School–One Week Down

On this past Tuesday, the alarm rang as it had been all summer long. But this time I didn’t have the luxury of only tending to myself. Nope, it was the long awaited–depending on who you ask–first day of school. As with the first day of anything, nervous anticipation is imminent.

While the kids are nervously anticipating who their teachers will be, if he or she will be mean or nice, how much homework they’ll get, what friends will be in their class from last year, etc. And Lawd, if they’re in high school, they’re sure to be excited about football games, homecoming dances, parties, and, if they’re seniors–like mine–it’s a whole host of other things on their minds: prom, ACT scores, college, graduation!

As a parent, though, don’t we have our own set of nervous anticipations? A few of mine are:

1. Will I get them to school on time EVERYDAY??? If my son’s school had implemented the detention policy set forth in the attendance policy, my poor baby–and me–would have spent many Saturdays at his school instead of soccer games and cub scout activities.

2. How many days will I need to take off work to go on field trips?

3. Will my son’s teacher be one of those teachers who will pester me constantly with notes home about every little thing he does in class?

4. What major school projects will I have to help with? Like the Black history assignment my son (2nd grader, mind you) had to do: 5 biographies along with collages over winter break!

5. How much money will I spend on special occasion dresses and shoes or special clothes for school performances.

What are some of yours?

Funny… The Toddler’s Constitution

for all you frustrated moms I thought this would be a nice Monday funny to help you just let go of the stress when those terrible twos, threes and fours kick in and drive you crazy.

Article: 5 Housing Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom #mmm via @ebony_12

Expert Author Ebele Agu

Most of us run pillar to post daily to coordinate our lives from family to work to friends and for some people like me, throw in studies and other side gigs. Like this isn’t enough, we have to keep our house clean, no excuses. How can we achieve that? Some of you at one point or another have wondered and pondered on what you need to do to maintain a well balanced life, which includes and well-kept home.

A clean home is the pride of any one most especially moms. You want to be able to entertain without the embarrassment of having a not so clean home. You want to be able to keep your house germ free and your children healthy. You want to be in a very relaxed and comfortable home after the day’s hustle and bustle. First things first, clean your house a bit each day so as not to be daunted with a huge mess you will have to work extra hard to clean. Some of the other things to consider for a clean home are:

    1. Set up a schedule: there will always be crucial jobs like cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. Have a schedule to help you focus on what you need to do each day of the week. Break the schedule into daily, weekly, monthly, annual and seasonal tasks. Remember having chunks of work to do at a time makes the job feel less daunting.
    1. Set a timer: everyday set a timer to tackle 10 or 15 minutes of work. If your kitchen counter top is messy and you figure it will take you about 10 minutes to wipe it down, set your timer, and do the job. When the timer goes off walk away. You would have done something for the day, instead of worrying and wondering when and how you will get it done.
    1. Delegate: if you have a family with children, engage them and assign chores to them keeping in mind their age and what they are capable of doing. You not only get the house clean, you are teaching them life long lessons on collaborating and cleaning habits. They also learn the lesson of teamwork. It seems like a win-win to me.
    1. Avoid Procrastination: this is the number one mistake most of us fall into. We look at the mess and decide we are not up to it, afterall we just came back from work, have a report to type, have a paper to submit, have to make dinner. The list goes on and on and the home is neglected. Attending to spills and stains as soon as they occur ensures that you stop a bigger problem from occurring in the future and the job is done right away. Remember first things first clean up in bits and the tasks will not feel so profound that they can’t be tackled.
  1. The power of multitasking: examples will be, while you are making dinner, clean the counter top as you go along or clean out the refrigerator. While the clothes are in the washing machine, pick up and tidy up the rooms or fold previously washed clothes. If you are able to juggle a few tasks at a time, you will able to prune your list and help you get a cleaner house faster.

Applying these tips will ensure your house is clean most of the time, you have more time for yourself and family and it will contribute to your inner peace and self-worth. Best of all, cleaning will be stress free, straight forward and easy.

Ebele Agu is a mom to two energetic and adorable boys ages 4 and 19mths. I am always searching for ways to improve the lives of my family and those around me.
She is a teacher, who wants the best for the kids she teaches. I have a passion for education and to do what is right for everyone.

To read my musings, find me at

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FREE BOOK: Baby Codes: Top Ten Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Kevin Mills @BabyCodes #FreeFriday #FridayReads

Here’s another Free read for our readers. Enjoy!

Baby Codes: Top Ten Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

Ebook By Kevin Mills
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 29, 2010
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Category: Non-Fiction » Relationships and Family » Parenting
Words: 2963 (approximate)
Language: English

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Extended Description

Parents today are worn out, sleep-deprived and simply exhausted. They need quick and easy solutions to helping their baby sleep through the night. Baby Codes: Top Ten Tips provides 10 easy-to-understand suggestions to help them unlock the keys to their child’s unique sleep preferences. They’re not only fast and applicable, they’re all absolutely Free.

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