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Wednesday @Wisebread: Sock It to Me: 15 Uses for Old Socks via @mikeyrox #motownmom

I’m all for multi-uses of any product in the house and with the sock troll always stealing his supply around my house, we have a lot of odd pairs just floating around.

What I’ve tried to do is buy the same type or brand or color of socks so if one goes missing, the children can use another right out of the random sock bag. It’s worked for years and trust me when I say before that, we were going through a lot of socks.

Today @Wisebread gives us a crack at what else we can do with those mischievous objects the sock troll has left us with.

Sock It to Me: 15 Uses for Old Socks


Woman with a sock puppet

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, so too will the dryer eat one of your socks. What can you do with the lonely leftover? Of course you can make a puppet — but if you’re not nine years old, these ideas will suit you better. (See also: 15 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Old T-shirts)

1. Make a Potpourri Bundle

Want your undies to have the fresh scent of apples and cinnamon? Stuff an old sock with potpourri, tie up the end with a rubber band, and pop it into the drawer. You can put the potpourri-filled socks wherever you want. For instance, I have very smelly shoes because I rarely wear socks; the potpourri helps make my stinky sneaks a bit more bearable.


Article: Secrets to Entertaining on a Shoestring #mmm

With Mardi Gras and Easter coming up, we start looking away to SPRING into the year with hosting parties.

Being on a budget around the household or just trying to save money is always on the forefront of our mind.

 offers great tips to help us out!

Secrets to Entertaining on a Shoestring

Expert Author Christine Szalay Kudra

Parties can still be great successes even if you do not have a big budget. You do not need fancy silver serving trays or crystal goblets. Even the simplest fare will look delectable when you present it nicely. You do not need fancy dishes to make your food look great.

You do not need fancy trays to make your food look good, but you do need to pay attention to how you present your food. You can make a simple piece of cardboard into a beautiful backdrop for food by covering it with aluminum foil and a couple paper doilies. Be sure to put the shiny side of the foil down so the duller side shows. It makes it look more like pewter. Arrange your food on the doilies so the lacy parts show towards your guests.

When you serve sandwiches, you may want to make a sandwich board. This easy serving piece is made from a 1 x 4 lumber scrap. Make it somewhere between three and six feet long so it fits your table and the amount of sandwiches you want to serve. Clean the wood well with a mild detergent and let it dry completely. Cover the board in waxed paper. Secure paper doilies onto it before adding your sandwiches.

The easiest way to make sandwiches is to use those long loaves of Italian or French bread. Add a spread and top it off with lettuce, tomato, and cold cuts. Other ingredients you may want to consider include onion, cucumber, or avocado. Drizzle a simple oil and vinegar dressing on top of your sandwich filling to give it a gourmet taste. Place decorative toothpicks in the sandwich every inch or so to keep the sandwich together. Slice into 1 inch wide pieces and serve.

You can find some amazing baskets at the craft store. Line them with a pretty towel and fill them with rolls, pastries, cookies or other baked good. If the items need condiments, serve the butter, jam or cream cheese on small plates set around the basket within easy reach.

Crackers have gotten very expensive to buy. One way to get a crunchy appetizer without the cost is to make toast points. Toast your favorite bread then cut them on the diagonal. Cut each piece diagonally again. This gives you four pieces for each slice of bread. Serve them with spreads or toppings like cream cheese and olives, or a spoonful of chopped tomatoes and basil.

Add this cold appetizer recipe along with any others you may like to your recipe file. You will be amazed at how simply you can throw a party your friends will rave about. Presentation is the key to making even the simplest appetizers look scrumptious.

Do not forget to serve enough beverages. You can simply serve coffee or tea or you can make fruit punch or lemonade. If you are really keeping it simple, offer soda. Match up paper cups with napkins and your party will be all set for your guests. Parties should be enjoyed, not stressful.

Cold appetizer recipes make a nice change of pace from ordinary appetizers and will fill out your party meal perfectly. Many people like to put out summer appetizer recipes when everyone gathers for the big meal. These can be as simple as a blue cheese dip to more elaborate seasonal favorites. You Make the Appetizers, We Help You Make Them Delicious.

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Article: Time Management for Busy Moms – 4 Tips for Effective Time Management #mmm


There is no doubt that Moms are one of the busiest people around and with everything that they have to keep up with, finding the time to do it all can be a challenge.When a Mom has too much on her mind, the tendency to forget important things like picking up more milk at the grocery store or a meeting with her child’s teacher, can increase.By implementing a few simple time management tips, a busy Mom can effectively get everything done and even have time left for herself.

Tip#1 – Use a Planner 

The first important thing to do when you are a very busy Mom is to use a daily or weekly planner.  Find one that fits into your hand bag so you can carry it with you at all times, that way if you need to schedule an appointment at the last moment you can quickly pull it out to see what day and time you have available.  When you first obtain a planner, be sure to block out all important dates such as birthdays, school events and appointments before you use it to book new commitments.

Tip#2 – Use a Monthly Calendar 

Keep a monthly calendar in a main room or kitchen in your home where all family members can be reminded of important dates. It is important that the calendar be located in a central area where it is easily viewed when passing by.  Be sure to transfer any events or appointments from your planner to the monthly calendar as well.

Tip#3 – Use a To-Do List 

Keep a to-do list posted on your fridge or tucked in your planner at all times. As you think of another task or project that needs to be done, write it down immediately.  Cross each task off as it is completed, this will not only serve as a reminder of what still needs to be done but also as a motivator when you see what has been accomplished so far.  Also keep a grocery list with a pen near by in the kitchen, that way when you run out of something while preparing a meal you can write it down right away.

Tip#4 – Use an Organizer 

Always keep bills, receipts and important documents such as medical records, insurance papers, warranties and bank statements in one central location. Use either an accordion style folder or separate folders properly labeled and stored in a cabinet or desk drawer. You never know when something springs up at the last moment like when your appliance breaks down and it is still covered under warranty, have everything centrally organized and located so you can quickly find what you need rather than fumbling through stacks of papers in a shoe box.

By simply implementing the use of a planner, you will free your mind up from having to remember every detail in your life which will help you to stay more focused on the tasks that need to be done.  Remember, good time management habits are the key to helping you be more efficient, better organized and less stressed in your life.

Tired of being burned out? Looking for more solutions on how to get more done in less time? Sign up for a free newsletter at and claim your Free eBook on how to get and stay organized.

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Article: 5 Housing Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom #mmm via @ebony_12

Expert Author Ebele Agu

Most of us run pillar to post daily to coordinate our lives from family to work to friends and for some people like me, throw in studies and other side gigs. Like this isn’t enough, we have to keep our house clean, no excuses. How can we achieve that? Some of you at one point or another have wondered and pondered on what you need to do to maintain a well balanced life, which includes and well-kept home.

A clean home is the pride of any one most especially moms. You want to be able to entertain without the embarrassment of having a not so clean home. You want to be able to keep your house germ free and your children healthy. You want to be in a very relaxed and comfortable home after the day’s hustle and bustle. First things first, clean your house a bit each day so as not to be daunted with a huge mess you will have to work extra hard to clean. Some of the other things to consider for a clean home are:

    1. Set up a schedule: there will always be crucial jobs like cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. Have a schedule to help you focus on what you need to do each day of the week. Break the schedule into daily, weekly, monthly, annual and seasonal tasks. Remember having chunks of work to do at a time makes the job feel less daunting.
    1. Set a timer: everyday set a timer to tackle 10 or 15 minutes of work. If your kitchen counter top is messy and you figure it will take you about 10 minutes to wipe it down, set your timer, and do the job. When the timer goes off walk away. You would have done something for the day, instead of worrying and wondering when and how you will get it done.
    1. Delegate: if you have a family with children, engage them and assign chores to them keeping in mind their age and what they are capable of doing. You not only get the house clean, you are teaching them life long lessons on collaborating and cleaning habits. They also learn the lesson of teamwork. It seems like a win-win to me.
    1. Avoid Procrastination: this is the number one mistake most of us fall into. We look at the mess and decide we are not up to it, afterall we just came back from work, have a report to type, have a paper to submit, have to make dinner. The list goes on and on and the home is neglected. Attending to spills and stains as soon as they occur ensures that you stop a bigger problem from occurring in the future and the job is done right away. Remember first things first clean up in bits and the tasks will not feel so profound that they can’t be tackled.
  1. The power of multitasking: examples will be, while you are making dinner, clean the counter top as you go along or clean out the refrigerator. While the clothes are in the washing machine, pick up and tidy up the rooms or fold previously washed clothes. If you are able to juggle a few tasks at a time, you will able to prune your list and help you get a cleaner house faster.

Applying these tips will ensure your house is clean most of the time, you have more time for yourself and family and it will contribute to your inner peace and self-worth. Best of all, cleaning will be stress free, straight forward and easy.

Ebele Agu is a mom to two energetic and adorable boys ages 4 and 19mths. I am always searching for ways to improve the lives of my family and those around me.
She is a teacher, who wants the best for the kids she teaches. I have a passion for education and to do what is right for everyone.

To read my musings, find me at

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10 Smart Things to Do With $25 via @wisebread

Man counting money

So, you’ve got $25 burning a hole in your pocket. Or, you just found it in an old pair of jeans. Maybe it represents the contents of your piggy bank, or a check you got from an aunt in another state for your birthday. However you came by this $25, you’re trying to figure out how to spend it without blowing it.

Here then are 10 ideas, some fun, some serious, that will help you make the most of your 25 buckaroos. (See also: 15 Fun Things to Buy for Under $5)

1. Go on a Goodwill Shopping Spree

The bargains I find at Goodwill never cease to amaze me. I recently purchased a mint-condition, sealed Sopranos jigsaw puzzle for $2. I sold it for $10 just a few days later. OK, not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but if you could do that with $25 worth of Goodwill stuff, you turn it unto $125. Rummage through the collectibles and glassware, and check out all the pictures, CDs, and garments. Every Goodwill store holds gems, you just have to know where to look. And remember, the money you spend in there goes to a very good cause. It’s win-win.