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How to keep your kids and yourself safe when gunshots are fired around your house #MotownMom Musings #UrbanLife #Detroit


On Facebook and a friend in Detroit says she just heard shots fired outside her home and then immediately said it’s time to freaking move.

I hate to break it to people, crime is not just in the urban areas anymore. Matter of fact, the more I look at the news (which has been something new to me recently) the more it seems it’s safer in Detroit.

As a long time Detroiter and lover of the city, my children and I have a protocol which I implore all single parents to develop and make sure it’s stuck to no matter what.

As single parents, we don’t have the luxury of just getting up and moving out of the city, and we have to teach the children how to cope with the environment and to stay safe.

Single Mom’s Safety Tips: When you hear shots fired around your home, what should you & your kids do? 

  1. Do not go to the window. Please enforce this with your children. Don’t open the doors, don’t even peek out the curtains or blinds.
  2. Shut off lights inside the house you’re not using, but put on lights outside of the house to keep people from hiding around your house. Add motion lights on the outside of your home especially in spots you can’t see if you have to look out of a window. Also, invest in a camera system outside of your home. One in the back and home in the front. I suggest the Blink system for about $200. Best investment ever.
  3. If the gunshots sound close enough it’s okay to call 911, say shots were fired, give them the street and cross-street and if you don’t want to give them your address just tell them at the beginning, middle or end of the block. If you see anything let them know that too. You don’t have to leave your name or number, but at least do your part in reporting it.
  4. Afterwards, do something that calms you. Read, write, watch a funny movie to take your mind off the stress

In your community, what do you do when shots are fired?


Event: #Free Coffee & Conversation w/@KarenDumas April 1st #Detroit #MotownMom


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Karen and her special guests will be discussing the New Detroit and how it is shaping our future. Come enjoy a complimentary cup of Will’s Special Blend Coffee and let’s connect, collaborate and converse!


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13 Surefire Ways To Make Life Difficult For Your Family @ModMomMad #motownmom

Check out this article from the Modern Mommy Madness site which cracked me up but also hit close to home because I’ve been very close to doing some of these.

Source: 13 Surefire Ways To Make Life Difficult For Your Family

ARTICLE: When Bullying Hits Home @entrepreneurexg #motownmom #michlit #Resilience

YE8ZOEi5_400x400Playground bullies are just a rite of passage for most school aged kids. However, when the unfair treatment comes from a teacher, how do you comfort your child? I had to dig deep in my mommy bag of comfort tools to console my 7-year old son when one of his teachers was aggressive with him, but overlooked the same actions of his classmate.

First, I let him know I loved him and he was a good son.  I advised him to make better choices in class. Just because little Johnny could get away with goofing off did not mean he should do the same.

Second, I let him know the importance of taking his education seriously.  You should work really hard in class and do extra work if you get bored.  Third, he let him know that as an African-American male in a predominately Caucasian class room he had to be careful of his actions.  Regardless of why the teacher was singling him out, I imparted a sense of responsibility to be a leader in the classroom instead of following the poor decisions made by others.

My son’s plight resonated with me because I endured bullying in the workplace from a supervisor. Described as the silent epidemic, workplace bullying is the repeated abusive behavior that is intimidating, humiliating or threatening. In the 2014 survey completed by the Workplace Bullying Institute 65 million American workers were impacted by workplace bullying.  Sixty percent of the targets are women with bosses being seventy-five (75%) percent of the perpetrators.

I was singled out for things other staff members could do without any repercussions, such as late assignments, running behind schedule or mishaps in presentations. If I was scolded for being late, I made sure to arrive at work 15 minutes early.  I completed work assignments a day early instead of the day of the deadline.  I improved my presentation skills to the point where I received compliments instead of criticism.

My transformation was not an easy one, first I had to acknowledge my strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities.  It is easy to assess others, but undergoing a personal assessment can be challenging.  I wrote a list of my characteristics that were strengths and the ones I need to improve. Every two weeks I reviewed by lists weaknesses and checked off the ones I mastered.

Second, I took the time for personal reflection and prayer. As a mother of young children and a wife, everyone pulled on me for something. Taking the time to re-charge was key to my process. I learned to confess my feelings in prayer and instantaneously forgive my bullies.  Expelling negative feelings helped me to keep a clear mind and stay focused on my work ahead.

I provide additional strategies in my soon to be released book, Resilience: Living Life by Design, which is a compilation of the experiences of 11 other women who beat the odds to overcome adversity.

About the Authors:

Angeline Lawrence

Life Strategist, consultant, author & speaker who helps people do the impossible. Resourceful, insightful and all about getting things done.

Metro Detroit, Michigan



Twitter: @EntrepreneurEXG

Amazon Link :Resilience: Living Life by Design

Order Your Copy | Authors Website


Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet – Bob Dylan… #LiveLaughLove #motownmom #labw

Reflection ~One Year Later: 5 Things I Learned After the Divorce @phetteogburn

Reflection ~One Year Later: 5 Things I Learned After the Divorce @phetteogburn.

via Reflection ~One Year Later: 5 Things I Learned After the Divorce @phetteogburn.

via Reflection ~One Year Later: 5 Things I Learned After the Divorce @phetteogburn.

Two things to give to our children… #motownmom

Mother’s Monday: A Mother Never Forgets by @DeannaKahler #MotownMom

I’m a proud mom of a wonderful daughter who joined my family through adoption. But that’s only part of my story. The truth is there were two before her. I was pregnant twice and sadly lost both babies as a result of miscarriages. Like many women, I will never forget these unborn babies or the experiences I had. They will be a part of me always. Since October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time discuss how losing a baby affects a woman and how we can all be more understanding and supportive to these grieving moms.

There are truly no words to describe what it feels like to lose a child. It’s a devastating, heartbreaking experience that you never forget. I remember feeling sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, depressed and very alone. What made it most difficult is that friends and family often didn’t understand the depth of my pain. They failed to realize that although I never saw, met or held my babies that they were still very real to me. They were my children, and I will remember them always. Many women who miscarry feel the same way. So, how can you better support them during this difficult time? Here are some tips for helping a woman who is dealing with a pregnancy loss: Read the rest of this entry

Motherhood: All Love Begins and Ends Here. Robert Browning motownmom

Sometimes we forget on those long days, those precious hugs and those unique kisses that come from mothers (or ourselves) are rare as diamonds, but so needed in our lives and the lives of our children.

Never stop giving but always remember the uniqueness of what we give.

GET TO IT! by Chris Lee @lifepathllc. From Frustration to Fulfillment #FF2F‬ #michlit #blogtour #mwn

Today we have our first male author on our blog and Chris Lee gives us great advice in his first sentence. GET TO IT! How many times we as mom’s tell ourselves this advice and how many of us listen.

You’ll love what Chris has to say and at the end, please take a moment to comment and join him on his blogtour through the Michigan Literary Network!

Get To It!

BY Chris Lee

I had taken mini-getaway’s and overnight trips to light the
fire of creativity. I’d set aside entire days to writing my
story. I would get up in the wee hours of the morning to
write. About 14 months later I was 90% done with my book.
I had visions of packed book signing events and hundreds
of ebook sales. I was truly excited. What I did next was
something really incredible…I sat on it…for two whole years!

“See, what had happened was…”

I had spoken with several vanity publishers (a publisher that
charges a fee to produce a book) and several authors that
had published through vanity publishers and I was scared
off by the vanity publisher’s five-figure cost of design,
publishing and marketing of my book.

I totally shut the project down, until I got a package in
the mail. A couple of weeks earlier, I had spoken with my
cousin Harold. Harold is a retired, high-level executive.
He’s also a jazz enthusiast. We had a brief conversation and
he promised to send me a few CD’s that he made for me.
Included with the CD’s was a not that said in part “…there is
so much that you can offer to the world, your family and to
God…get to it”

Those words had a huge effect on me. I realized that
I really did have a purpose to fulfill and that purpose
was bigger than any of my issues; including my fear of
publishing my book.

I also set forth the intent to publish my book, this time
around I decided to let God work out the “how” and I stayed
focused on the end result of a book that I was proud of and
a book that would help a lot of people.

I forwarded a draft of “From Frustration to Fulfillment” to
Harold. He read it and forwarded it to a couple of friends
that knew a thing or two about writing. All three people
offered some great suggestion about how to improve the

Around the same time I connected with my publisher,
Literary Loft, and was able to reach an outstanding win-win
agreement to get the book published for a fraction of the
prices quoted to my by many of the vanity publishers.

I credit my cousin Harold for helping me find my “why”.
Why did I write my book? Why do I want the world to hear
my story? Why should I keep going when I’m ready to quit?
Once again, my purpose is bigger than me or any of my
problems, so as suggested by Harold I’m ‘getting to it’!

We all need that little push toward our dreams and goals
to get us started. I knew I had something important to
share with the world, but I had talked myself out of it. I
needed a reminder. The most reassuring part of it is that
the reminder and encouragement to ‘get to it’ came from a
family member.


On a sunny July morning a freak accident changed Chris Lee’s life forever.  In addition to physical injuries, Chris was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. Years of alcohol abuse, poor eating habits and a newfound addiction to prescription pain-killers thwarted his recovery efforts. His days became filled with group therapy, prescription drugs and the red-tape hassle of an inefficient and inept healthcare system.    He felt hopelessly trapped until he discovered a positive approach to life that would shape and mold him into a better father, husband and person.

Chris gives the reader a brutally honest, soul bearing glimpse into the day-to-day recovery efforts of a brain injury survivor. Follow the author on his gripping journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.  Learn how alternative health and energy therapy changed Chris Lee’s life and how he empowered himself to change his reality for the better.



Readers can join us through blogs revealing in Chris Lee’s book, From Frustration to Fulfillment.

Writers can learn from Chris Lee’s experiences of being a first time author and learning to ins and outs of the literary world.

Authors can connect with Chris Lee’s struggles and frustrations, not only in his writing, but life as well.

You can also connect with Chris Lee below and if you’re interested in your own blog tour through our Michigan Literary Network, please see below at the end of the post.

Would you like your copy now of From Frustration to Fulfillment?

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Connect with Chris: 

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Blurbs, testimonal, reviews:

“I was riveted by Chris’s story, he had me reading as fast as I could to see what was going to happen next. Anyone who feels they have something more to give will benefit by hearing Chris’s story. If we choose not to hear our inner guidance when it’s a whisper, it may take a whack upon the head to get our attention!”

   -Sherri Richards, Business Designer, Money Therapist, Rise Atelier LLC,www.MyMoneyExperience.comCleveland, Ohio

“Chris’ story and book not only moved me but also inspired me to continue evolving and expanding.  I feel very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with him in person.  He is a gifted and talented human being that the world is blessed to have.”

-Priya Ali, Author, Coach, Consultant, Radio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About Chris Lee

Chris Lee, the author of “From Frustration to Fulfillment”, has a passion for helping people to identify and successfully manage the self-imposed limitations that hold us back from pursuing and achieving our dreams, goals and ambitions.

Chris wrote “From Frustration to Fulfillment” to help anyone that has ever faced a seemingly hopeless situation. The book started as a diary to help him cope with his brain injury. He found the writings to be a vital part of the healing process and thus decided to share his story with the world.

Using warmth and humor to help people to ‘open the doors of change’, Chris is a dynamic speaker and energetic workshop facilitator.  Chris has put his unique skill set to use helping numerous people throughout the United States and Canada. He combines the Law of Attraction and the philosophy of energy medicine to offer a very unique and powerful experience for those that attend his various workshop and coaching sessions.

Chris is a Specs Howard School of Media Arts graduate that currently holds certifications as a 365-Degree Manifestation Consultant, Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, Certified Natural Health Professional and Body Talk™ Access technician.

Chris loves spending time with family including his son, daughter and granddaughter.  He loves fine food, baseball and is a music enthusiast. He can occasionally be spotted around town enjoying live jazz.