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Affordable yearly memberships to get at tax time #DetroitVilliageMoms #motownmoxiemom

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Side hustles you can do from home #motownmom

Someone asked me about this but I can’t remember who. And then this wandered in my YouTube feed. Had to share

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7 Unique Ways To Make Someone Smile (Random Acts of Kindness Day) #motownmom #selfcare


Do you want to put a smile on someone’s face? Do something nice for another person just because?

Maybe make their day a little bit brighter?

It doesn’t have to take much time or money on your part. In fact, many things can be done as a part of your normal routine and cost little or nothing. You won’t know how many people are encouraged by your kindness because smiles are contagious.

Sometimes helping someone else smile can help you put on a better smile for yourself.

Try out one or more of these 7 ways today to put smiles on their faces.

1. Write an encouraging note to others that have encouraged you or that need encouragement. Handwritten notes that are given to encourage, not just for thanking someone for a gift, are rare. That makes handwritten notes even more special. Start a new practice of sitting down and writing an encouraging note on a regular basis. You just might start an epidemic!

Tip: Write with a blue pen. It’s a great mood enhancer for the person reading

2. Take a friend out to lunch or invite her to your home for a meal. You will get to know each other even better than you do right now. If you feel like being more adventurous, throw a party for several of your friends and put smiles on a multitude of faces.

Tip: Find a great indie film, invite friends over and watch and discuss it afterwards. Everyone BYOW (Bring your own wine). Tuck all the kids in the back and just enjoy spending the evening with friends.

3. Give someone an inspirational book to read. You will feel good doing it, reading the book will change the person, and they will think of you every time they read it.

4. Ask a friend or relative if you can take care of their kid(s) for a day or evening. If you have been a parent, you know the value of being able to have a few hours of “adult time” without worrying about the children. Don’t wait to be asked to baby-sit when it is required. Offer to do it at a time when the parent can do something fun and relaxing.

Tip: schedule a play date with a mom just because when you’re picking up the kids from school

5. Deliver a meal to someone you know that is sick or having a rough time. We have all been sick and know the last thing you want to do is be out of bed. There are also times when life is tough and it is hard to do all of the daily chores. You can be a tremendous help by providing a meal that can be enjoyed.

6. Volunteer time to supporting your local church or charity. Every minute you dedicate to a church or charity will cause many smiles. You will put a smile on the face of each leader just for helping without being asked. You will also be putting smiles on the faces of those that are being helped through the organization.

Tip: Bring the kids along so they can see acts of giving

7. Thank everyone that supports you throughout the day. The list of those that you come in contact with is endless. Remember family and friends, secretaries, co-workers, teachers, Sunday school teachers, pastors, store employees, janitors, gas station attendants, those that deliver your mail and newspaper, and servers at restaurants.

Tip: grab thank you card packets from the Dollar Store and just send off a postcard in the mail.

I know this is a list of 7 ways to put a smile on someone’s face, but there is one more way that can’t be ignored. Reveal a genuine smile to everyone you meet. You will experience how easy it is to get others to smile!

Single Mom’s can feel Alone But You’re Not Lonely #motownmom #selfcare

In today’s fast paced society, we’ve become accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff. We turn to many distractions as a means of escaping feelings of idleness or boredom. But the main thing we wish to elude is loneliness. Solitude does not have to alienating or lonesome. In fact, solitude and loneliness are distinctly separate.

The death of a loved one or the inability to find people who understand you can leave you feeling isolated. Webster’s dictionary plainly describes loneliness as “being without companions.” It’s natural to experience an emptiness while longing for love or acceptance. Loneliness is therefore an emotive state that can be experienced whether or not one is physically alone.

It was Geoffrey F. Fisher who said, “In cities no one is quiet but many are lonely; in the country, people are quiet but few are lonely.”

We tend to fill loneliness with all types of distractions. For example, some single women would rather spend a Friday night with a man they have no genuine interest in, than spend the night alone. They long for a way of killing time while they await the man they are actually seeking. Then there are young adults who are involved in cliques where they can’t really relate to their companions. However, they would rather feel accepted on a superficial level than risk feeling outcast. So what is it about being alone that scares us?

Do not be spooked by the unfamiliarity of silence.

  • Silence can be an amazing thing. It teaches you how to truly listen.
  • It teaches you to pay attention to what’s going on inside of you.

Only when we are alone, can we have the space and peace we need to think without being outwardly influenced. It therefore becomes easier to make important decisions as well as identify whatever feelings are culminating within.

Get in touch with yourself so that you can make conscious decisions rather than simply react to emotions. Appreciate the time you have to yourself. Let the peace and understanding you find better equip you for the commotion of today’s world.

7 Surprisingly Quick And Easy Ways To Feel Happier as a Mom #relaxrelaterelease #motownmom


All of us have days when we’re out of sorts. You just wish you were in a better mood.

You’ve had days like that, haven’t you?

Being a mom is tough, You’re pulled in so many different directions and you have so many jobs other than just being a Mommy.

  1. Head of the Household
  2. The Maid
  3. The Problem solver
  4. The Cook
  5. The Homework Helper
  6. The Put Them To Bed/The Waker Upper
  7. The Middle of the Night Nurse

And these are just the ones inside of the house.

Despite it all, we put on a brave face and try as hard as we can to find peace in the little time to ourselves we have, but it’s difficult to find that space in our heads when you’re overwhelmed with so many jobs.

With everything and everyone depending on you, perhaps you tried to get yourself into a better state of mind but struggled to achieve it.

Sometimes we get stuck in our own emotional dumps and forget how easy it is to feel happier, so here are seven simple ways to lift your mood. Many people have found them useful. Some of them may surprise you!

1. Go for a walk.

Most people know that going for a short daily walk is one of the best forms of exercise. When you are feeling down it is even more beneficial. If you can, go into a natural environment with plants and birds. Can you think of such a setting not? What do you notice first? The different shades of greenery, the fresh smell of country air, the sounds of birds, or the sunlight shining through the trees? Make it real by taking a short stroll.

If you live in the urban area like I do, find a public track by a school, get a walking stick or if you have a dog, take them..

2. Listen to quality music.

Music can shift a listener’s state within moments. It’s effect can be nearly magical. Dig out that CD you haven’t listened to in ages or tune in your radio to something you’ve never listened to before.

3. Open yourself to discovering something new.

Read something (printed, not on line) different than what you would normally watch. There are a ton of different types of magazines can you get these days. Visit your local library or browse through a magazine rack. Pick up or buy a magazine you wouldn’t normally buy. You may discover something wonderful.

4. Find something to laugh at.

Laughter is one of the best ways to lift your spirits. Find a humorous book, or watch a comedy. Even better, try to learn a few new jokes and tell them to others.

5. Simple breathing meditation.

Breathing meditation is a great exercise that you can do anywhere. Simply allow yourself to sit comfortably with your back straight. Now close your eyes and become aware of the flow of air into and out of your nostrils. That’s all there is to it. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Notice how pleasantly surprised you can be at how you feel afterward.

6. Doodling for the fun of it.

Most people can remember when they were young and used to doodle for hours. Kids love drawing silly little pictures. Drawing is not just for kids or artists. Whoever you are get some pens, pencils, crayons or whatever you have and just draw for the fun of it. Notice how your state of mind shifts.

7. Think of others less fortunate.

The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you are probably much better off than most people on this planet. At times this may be hard to believe, but if you can read and have access to the internet, just those two things alone means you are better off than most people in the world. There are many human beings that barely have access to the basics of survival. There are people in lots of pain. Allow your compassion for them to grow.

These are all pretty simple. There’s nothing profound or life changing, but when all you need is a quick pick me up these may be just the thing you need.

Putting simple ideas, methods, tools and techniques into action will help you achieve change more quick and easily–surprisingly so at time– than you imagine.

Need Help? Call 2-1-1 (or on a cell phone 800-552-1183) United Way for Southeastern Michigan #motownmoxiemom

Spread the word! 

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If you or someone you know is in need of help due to this week’s dangerous cold weather, call our 2-1-1 helpline. Lines are open 24/7 to connect you with emergency shelters, utility assistance and other services.

Callers in Detroit can also get connected to free Lyft rides to shelters this week, up to $25/ride.

Call 2-1-1 or visit for more information.

You’re not alone. @WINNDetroit can be your pregnancy support team #motownmoxiemom

With WIN Network: Detroit, you get one on one support through pregnancy, birth, and until your baby turns one year old.

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1 Ford Pl
Detroit, Michigan
Call (313) 874-4581
Community Health Workers can help you find resources for you and your family, and set and reach your goals. If you’re pregnant in #Detroit, let us be your support team. Join group prenatal care by calling 313-916-8999
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Using silence to be a better mom and writer: blogger talk at #creativemorning #detroit

I enjoyed being asked by creativemorning to be speak on the topic of silence.

The whole experience for me and the group was healing.

See more of my events or request me to speak at

Answer the Call for Renters in Detroit via @RdwCreations #motownmom

Help for Renters


Question: How many renters are victims of illegal evictions or slumlord activity in Detroit?


Answer:  Unknown


Currently, there are no known methods or statistics, that track illegal evictions within the city of Detroit.  By law, Landlords cannot evict a tenant in Michigan without a court order. Any efforts to hasten the process by changing the locks or shutting off utilities are illegal, and could result in tenants successfully suing the landlord for damages.


Three DPD officers removed me from my home because the landlord told them I was a squatter! I had been in my home for over a year, and there was never any paperwork filed with the courts prior to or even after this incident. In other words, the Landlord took matters into his own hands because he wanted me gone, which is illegal. As a result, I ended up in a homeless shelter for almost a year. I lost everything I owned, including memorabilia that can never be replaced. I am still in the process of getting back on my feet, while this landlord continues to operate business as usual.


In a city like Detroit, where there are more renters than homeowners, and the poverty rate is 40%, illegal evictions or other slumlord activity are likely to occur. Because there are no methods or statistics available, one can only guess how many seniors, disabled, veterans, or other indigent persons have been victimized by such predatory activity.


Recently, I spoke before the Mayor of Detroit concerning these issues. I’ve also reach out to:

  • City council

  • David Bell,

  • HUD,

  • Senator Debbie Stabenow office,

  • Senator Adam Hollier’s office,

  • Mitch Albom,

  • Commissioner Underwood,

  • Bankole Thomposon,

  • Sam Riddle

  • Board of Police Commissioners

  • Cheif Craig’s Office

  • Terra Defoe

  • Commander Bettison

  • Malike Shabazz

  • and a press release was sent to the media- please click on attachment below.


Despite my difficulties, potential embarrassment and long suffering hardships, I will continue to speak out regarding this issue. My hope is that someone will respond with a solution that will prevent this from happening to someone else. If there is no accountability, then this illegal behavior will never stop. Next time it will be you, or someone you know and love.


What Can You Do To Help?


SPEAK UP: If you are a renter, or know of a renter who has been victimized, I’d love to hear from you! If more of us speak up, perhaps we can ignite a change?


PAY IT FORWARD: Please forward this message to others. A lot of people won’t speak up out of fear, intimidation, or because they do not know they are being taken advantage of. Remember that landlords MUST use the courts to evict a tenant, regardless of the reason. Intimation, threats and lockouts are illegal.



Lakeshore Legal Aid

2727 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

313- 242-0811


Write to your local elected officials


Residential Rental Compliance

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

2 Woodward Avenue Suite 402

Detroit, MI 48226

313 628 2451

RDW Creations


Phone: 586 422 3604


Thank You for your time!

Rosey D. White, Founder & Owner

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