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Downtown #Detroit Prayer Breakfast Oct 8th #motownmom RSVP only

The DDP is hosting its first-ever Downtown Detroit Prayer Breakfast. All faith leaders are welcome to attend this inaugural event in DTE’s Beacon Park on Friday, Oct. 8, at 8:45 a.m. Reservations are required.

Watch “Why Food Is Getting More Expensive In The U.S.” on YouTube

See What’s Up in September from Detroit Parent Network (@DPNDetroit) #motownmom

See What’s Up with DPN this September!
Third Grade Reading Café
We’re starting our next 3G series:
Linking Literacy and Social-Emotional Learning 
 Dr. Kimberly Leverette will continue our conversation on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and share books and resources that parents can use with their children to have discussions and support SEL at home.
 Part 2: Wednesday, Sept 22 at 2:00PM ET
Join us on Facebook Live or on Zoom!
Check out the last recommendation from Dr. Leverette: Desmond and the Very Mean Word by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. You can also watch Dr. Leverette’s read aloud of this book here. It’s a great story for uplifting social-emotional thinking, especially with our boys.Watch 3G on FacebookMommy to Mommy
 Detroit Mommies, join us for a little connection and conversation! Mommy to Mommy is DPN’s support group for all mothers who need a little Me Time. Join us on Zoom every other Thursday from 10pm to 11pm
 Next Session: Thursday, Sept. 23
Please send us a message through Social Media to request the Zoom link.We’re Hiring!
We’re excited to continue growing the DPN Family by hiring a diverse staff of advocates, educators, and leaders from across Metro Detroit. We welcome applicants from non-traditional work or education backgrounds, especially current and former DPN Parent Members.

Current Open Positions:Family Health Advocate: Full or Part-Time; $14-17/hrParent Engagement Associate: Full or Part-Time; $14-18/hrLearn More & Apply TodayParenting the Love and Logic Way®:
Join Detroit Parent Network for a 7-Week Series on Parenting the Love and Logic Way®. This parenting program is designed to give you practical skills that can be used immediately! Topics will include: The Two Rules of Love and Logic®; Delayed or “Anticipatory” Consequences; Using empathy and Love and Logic one-liners to neutralize arguing; and How to get more information about Love and Logic.

Learn More: emailus@detroitparentnetwork.orgRegister for Love and Logic
DPN is bringing our next round of nutrition classes from our partners at Michigan State University Extension 🍲
Cooking Matters at Home is a FREE, 5-week course that will teach:
🍽️ Proper Nutrition
🌡️ Food Safety
🧁 Tips to limit Sugar, Fats, and Salt
💵 Meals on a Budget
⛹🏾‍♀️ Importance of Physical Activity

Interested? Fill out this form and tell us what day/time works best for you!View Our Full Calendar Online at www.DetroitParentNetwork.orgInterested in Becoming a Member?
Need to Renew Your Membership?
Contact us at
or visit
2021 Annual Membership is only $5Programs from our Partners!
The librarians at the Detroit Public Library have put together a reading list for Hispanic Heritage Month! Celebrate and recognize the contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to the American society and culture with a great read!

Next Saturday is all about the kids! Join the Detroit Health Department at the 11th Precinct for the Safe Sleep Walk-N-Rally. A day filled with health and wellness resources like immunizations, games, food and so much more. Sept 25, 9:00-1:00.

Metro Parent has teamed up with ParentMap to deliver our first ever series of ParentEd Talks in 2021-22! Join online to hear from experts on timely issues affecting families, educators and caregivers, plus get top tips and tricks to level up your parenting game. These monthly talks will cover a variety of relevant and interesting topics, beginning this Thursday, Sept. 23 at 4pm ET with Learning From the Past: Why Educating Kids on Race Matters.
Join the Karmanos Cancer Institute Office of Cancer Health Equity & Community Engagement and Department of Family Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine for a webinar titled: “Detroit Community Priorities for COVID-19 Research: Results of Three Community-Engaged Projects”Thursday, Sept 30th from 6-7:30 pm.

Detroit recreation centers are opening on September 20 for Adams/Butzel Complex – DPRD and September 21 for Patton Recreation Center – DPRDKemeny Recreation Center – DPRDFarwell Recreation Center – DPRD, and Lasky Recreation Center – DPRD!

Register now and view the course catalog at

Hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber, the iconic “Mackinac Policy Conference” will take place September 20 – 23, 2021 and will spotlight three pillars for cultivating a healthy Michigan – with focus to accelerate COVID-19 economic recovery, advance racial equity, and invest in the health of people and communities. This event is where policy leaders from across the state, including government officials and local organizations, are making decisions on what are the priority concerns of Michiganders and how they should be addressed.

Watch Full livestreamed coverage of the event from DPTV here!
Members Like You 
Detroit Parent Network is a premier parent organization working to empower parents, grandparents, and community members to be champions for all children. Our work depends on the support of our Members, who bring the power to our network!
2021 Annual Membership is only $5 for the year.Become a Member TodayDPN’s Powerful Parent Training, Support Groups, Advocacy, and Programs are Generously Funded by: | (313) 263-6480 | emailus@detroitparentnetwork.orgCopyright © 2021 Detroit Parent Network, All rights reserved.
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#MotownMom: Free downloadable freebie from @oliviawrites | 30 -Day Challenge to my Best Me

Downloadable Freebie for the 30-Day Challenge

My 30 -Day Challenge to my Best Me!

Grab your free download now and then come back and let us know how you utilized this great resource to improve yourselF!

#MotownMom: Free downloadable freebie from @oliviawrites

Downloadable Freebie for the 30-Day Challenge

My 30 -Day Challenge to my Best Me!

Grab your free download now and then come back and let us know how you utilized this great resource to improve yourselF!

#MotownMom: It’s time to work on brotherhood (YOUR STORIES ARE REQUESTED!)

There are 323.8 million people in the United States. Does it surprise you that 47% of Americans feel like strangers in their own country? My guess is that if you’re an American, you’re not surprised.

Americans aren’t known for taking vacations generally because they don’t get much vacation time, or even expect it for that matter. Americans do, however, create “exit plans” usually every 4 – 8 years around every presidential election.

We show indifference, frustration, and a lack of responsibility for the people who are supposed to be representing us in our own government and see them as “in power” and us as “following.” The general consensus is that “someone in charge will handle that.”

Americans don’t feel connected to America. Even my 17 year old daughter said she wasn’t proud to be an American, and that she was “proud that she was not proud.” Talk about heartbreak for all the tenants of being in this country that she doesn’t understand!

History has it’s place…

However, before I bring up our sorted, dysfunctional, horrific, embarrassing, and unsurprising past as a country, let me tell you a story about Coca Cola.

Coca Cola also has a dysfunctional, horrific, embarrassing, and sorted past that is unsurprising to most – meaning, most people know about it. The famed, dark, caffeinated drink, before it became the famous icon it is today – had actual cocaine in it and wasn’t a soda at all, but an alcoholic beverage of wine.

You heard me. Coca Cola mixed alcohol and hard drugs in a drink that – get this – only affluent white people were allowed to drink in the 1880s and 1890s.

The addictive qualities of the cocaine in Coca Cola made people not only crave the soft drink, but become addicted to drinking it. This was actually seen as OKAY medically. At some point, the wine was seen as unhealthy, and it was replaced with sugar syrup. This was much less expensive to make, and everyone could afford it, however, segregated America was not ready to share the privilege of drinking the tasty addictive beverage with Black people, and laws were passed to remove the cocaine from the soft drink with a high racial motivation, even accusing Black men of raping white women if they had access to cocaine in the soft drink!

Even with this past, today, Coca Cola is celebrated for the future they’re a part of.

They’ve been around for 129 years. They reinvented themselves and made their future more important than their past. And even though people know their history, the history doesn’t stand in the way of the inclusive future they built.

Today, Coca Cola can put your name on one of their cans or bottles, and whether you drink Coca Cola or not, you buy one because you see yourself in it.

Not because of who they used to be in the past, but because who you can be as a part of where they’re going.

And you can walk away not being associated with that past but as part of their future. Remembering the past, but the importance of the future being the focus.

Interesting, right?

Now let’s talk about America.

America is the birthplace of the Transamerican Slave Trade experiment in action, first tested in Haiti and put into action in the United States. The Middle East had been enslaving Africans for at least 1,400 years before that, but it was never done as brutally, as horrendously, as disgusting, or as devastating as it was done in the United States. At the same time, socially and economically, slavery marked a time of prosperity for people who got the privilege of being seen as human.

Human experimentation was performed on my ancestors. From medical advancements in gynecology, to seeing how diseases like polio and syphillis advanced and affected the human body, to the use of self-replicating cells that didn’t belong to the lab that stole them, but have saved millions upon millions of lives without supporting Henrietta Lacks (He-La cells) or her family…

Despite the numerous, uncountable offenses and crimes against humanity America has been the stage for, black people, my ancestors, dreamed of being seen as Americans and being acknowledged for the tremendous contributions they’ve made to American society.

They dream of their children being educated in American schools without worrying about racism. Having professional careers in American companies without being paid less for being black. Starting their own Black owned American businesses and getting the same lending support that their white counterparts receive. Shining in a country they once couldn’t even be seen as human in.

And my people are still celebrating “firsts” in industries and sectors where they once were unable to participate.

America is also the birthplace of the genocide of the America Indians, thanks to Christopher Columbus.

America is one of the largest centers of sex-trafficking in the world.

And one of the biggest harbingers of war.

And one of the biggest supporters of poverty.

And. And. And.

Because the people in “power” don’t represent our values.

The foreseeable future is not only political party continuing to be the single largest divider, with the values gap between Democrats and Republicans even larger than race, sex, or class…

But our youth will continue to become disconnected from what makes this the land of opportunity – the sense of self, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – with the mental illnesses to match having a lack of self-awareness, lack of self-expression, lack of personal power, and a lack of personal freedom as a result of trauma trauma being the fissure that keeps us from truly getting to know ourselves and others outside of the stories we create to figure ourselves out without the proper scaffolding.

Our children and grandchildren will completely lose touch of the personal freedoms, self-expression, sense of civil liberties, and personal power that make our country the land of opportunity for the other 53% of the population that feels close and connected.

This country has been balancing awkwardly on the pseudo idea that this country has always been “great” when it really hasn’t been that great socially or in justice.

But it can be if we focus on the future.

Introducing the We Are The People Project

The We Are The People Project is a platform to collect American stories in a digital quilt, to celebrate your differences as a part of the Great Mixing Pot this country was intended to be, of all nations coming together in one place to create opportunity for all, and to share your history as an American with other Americans so that we can unite in brotherhood.

By sharing our stories and putting our values in the forefront, we will change our relationship to other countries that are greatly dependent on our economic wellbeing, making us a more responsible country not only in our own neighborhoods and communities, but on the world stage.

Hate and ignorance come from what we don’t know about one another, and the things that we just don’t know that we don’t know about who we share this country with. For hundreds of years there have been efforts to divide us as people in local, state, and federal law, in institutions, and even politically. We don’t need those entities to tell us what country and brotherhood are or to create commonality with our American brothers and sisters.

Now is the time to tell your own story and what you want this country to be for yourself and your neighbors today forward.

This Google Doc provides more information on the project as well as three steps you can take to participate:

Do you want to help get the word out about this project on social media? Do you have skills that would help us to create a visually appealing website? Do you want to volunteer your time by collecting stories of people in your community and posting them to the digital quilt?

The We Are The People Project is looking to create state specific groups in all 50 states. If you’re interested in leading a project in your state, send an email to Tamara Rasheed at

#MotownMom celebrates #JustBecause Day Aug27th #kindness

Watch “Experts warn of potentially dangerous chalkboard social media trend” on YouTube #motownmom

My July Garden update …How’s yours going? Let’s see those pictures#detroitgarden #motownmoxiemom

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This month is all about humility and USA Bestselling author, Olivia Gaines, has taken the time to give us all something we all need.

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