Support Habitat for Humanity Detroit (@habitatdetroit) by shopping at #Krogers & #Amazon | #motownmom

Construction Volunteer Opportunities – Habitat for Humanity Detroit

We wanted to make sure that you know that you can support HFHD through your regular shopping habits! As we move into the New Year, please make sure you are registered to support Habitat for Humanity Detroit through Amazon and Kroger so we can get the rewards. This is a very easy way to passively increase our revenue to support our programs. Please also share with your family and friends.

Kroger - Kroger Community Rewards


You can support Habitat for Humanity Detroit just by shopping at Kroger when you enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards® program. Sign up and Kroger will make a donation to Habitat Detroit every time you shop and use your Kroger Plus Card. Please follow the steps below to register your Kroger Plus Card:

  • To enroll your card go to
  • Click “create an account”. 
  • Put in your email address and password. Confirm your password.
  • Enter Kroger Plus Card number OR alt ID number.
  • Go to Community Rewards (near bottom).
  • Follow through the steps (name, address, etc.).
  • Put in Habitat for Humanity Detroit or the group number (82334).
  • Choose the correct organization.
  • Click Enroll. 

If you are having an issue with registering your card please call 1-800-KROGERS, press 5 for customer service, press 5 to speak to a customer service representative.

It's Easy to Support the LightHouse through Amazon Smile - LightHouse for  the Blind and Visually Impaired


You can also support Habitat for Humanity Detroit just by shopping online at Amazon. 

  • Go to Smile.Amazon.Com and login with your Amazon credentials. 
  • In the search box for “Find Your Charity”, type Habitat for Humanity Detroit and select the correct organization. 
  • When you shop, go to Smile.Amazon.Com each time (Amazon will even remind you!) to have 0.5% of your purchase price donated to Habitat Detroit!

Habitat for Humanity Detroit Office: 313-521-6691 Cell: 248-914-3930 

DPSCD is accepting apps for its 6 examination high schools through Nov21st #motownmom #detroit


Detroit Public Schools Community District is accepting applications for its 6 examination high schools through Nov. 21. Interested students are invited to apply online and take the High School Placement Test for admission consideration. For more information, assistance with your application and to apply, visit

Use the fall to update your contacts #motownmom #homesteading #preparedness #detroit

Grab a journal and make sure it’s known by all household members

My survival book with my hubby, also pictured with my garden book as well. Cheap journals from the dollar tree.

I call mine the survival book. It’s tabbed out from Contacts (Directory), Supplies in the House, Evacuation Plans, Tips and Notes.

This has all our contacts written down including addresses, phone numbers & emails. (I pulled from our wedding list, printed it out and added to the book)

Today we’re talking about Contacts

Emergency Contacts are the phone numbers that you have instructed ADT to call if we receive an an emergency alarm signal or to confirm a false alarm from your protected premises.

During an alarm event, ADT will first call the number(s) you have designated as your primary number. This number is typically your residence, mobile phone or place of business. If there is no answer at this primary number (or under other circumstances), ADT will call the people on your Emergency Contact list in the order in which you have listed them.

We recommend that you have at least three contacts in your list. Update your contact list.

Who to Put in there and how

Of course family and close friends. I have mine highlighted for importance. Who I need to call first in hot pink and then family in yellow. Secondary friends in a light green.

Establishing a circle is important because if crap hits the fan I want to hurry up and find people or I need to know fast who needs to be help. I put different colored dots for handicap, seniors and single mommies.

This also helps in contacts when I had to call people after my husband was rushed to the hospital. I didn’t have to think about it. I just knew who to contact and in what order.

This list should be done annually and discussed with all parties in the house.

Contact Guidelines

The people listed in your contact list should:

  • Be aware that they are on the contact list if they are in the red. They know in an emergency they will be contacted if YOU have an emergency. At least two of these people should know a special password or the password that when said verbally it’s a real emergency.

Your contact list may change when you travel out of town, so sometimes you may add an addendum sheet and take a picture of it when you travel.

Downtown #Detroit Prayer Breakfast Oct 8th #motownmom RSVP only

The DDP is hosting its first-ever Downtown Detroit Prayer Breakfast. All faith leaders are welcome to attend this inaugural event in DTE’s Beacon Park on Friday, Oct. 8, at 8:45 a.m. Reservations are required.

Watch “Why Food Is Getting More Expensive In The U.S.” on YouTube

We Are Being Told To Prepare For High Prices At Grocery And It’s Likely Food Shortages Only Get Worse | #BusyMom Grocery List #motownmom

Click here to watch this video

Being prepared is not becoming a prepper, but rather an urban homestead.

Make sure your household has at least three month of food and sundry supplies at all times. Also use list and have a way others in the house hold can let you know when things are running low. Make all people in the household responsible for the household.

I keep a board or we use Alexa to keep track of items we need in the house.

Here’s a list of Grocery Lists for the busy household you can use to print out and help you determine what you need



Plan Pray Parent Notebook – free download w/bonus #motownmom

The Plan Pray Parent Notebook was created to help you find Your way to success and happiness with your children, in your home, with your business and most importantly in yourself. 


How to Love a Black Woman guide to rants, raves and self love 

What you will find inside:

The 3 principals in detail of Plan Pray Parent, plus ways to take note and make reminders to help you on your journey to success and happiness


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Become A Member of the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op #motownmom

DPFC & KAN Books Co-Op Member Mama Hanifa Adjuman Speaking during DPFC Annual Meeting 2019.
For the past several years there has been a movement to change the culture of food in the city of Detroit. Food sovereignty. What does it look like to own what you eat and not have your food be controlled by outside forces? What does it mean to not only be a headcount in a community meeting but a decision maker on what actually happens in the spaces that impact us most like where we get our food.
Early DPFC Meeting December 2015 @ Red Door Digital. Photographer: Jamii Tata.
Today is a great day to affirm sovereignty in our food system. Become a member of the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op or donate to create an opportunity for another Detroiter to become a member as we move us closer to being a city with a community controlled and owned grocery store in the North End neighborhood of Detroit.

Rendering of the Detroit Food Commons where the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op Grocery Store will Live. Rendering by Russell Baltimore of Baltimore Design.

To join, please visit: To donate, visit: For support with the application, questions on payments or to hear from another co-op member please email:

*The Detroit People’s Food Co-Op is an independent organization. Know Allegiance Nation and KAN Books are partners that support DPFC. All words and sentiments above are representative of Know Allegiance Nation. Learn more about DPFC here:

Find updated food pantries in Metro Detroit #motownmoxiemom

Related image

  • Food banks and free food pantries in Detroit as well as Wayne County, plus other services Click here

If you have an exclusive food giveaway event coming up, please leave in the comments.

REMINDER: September is Nat’l Preparedness Month #motownmom #homesteading #detroit

Making a plan has always been beneficial for me. I don’t wait for September and you don’t either, but focus is put on this month to prepare and make sure your family is ready for anything.

I dont consider myself a prepper, but more of a homesteader, that is ready for the worst to happen and knowing what to do when it does and preparing my family for that moment so we can work together.

From being a single mom of three, my #firestory and to just taking the every day and dealing with in – especially in Detroit – having a plan of action for our household for ANY SITUATION has been a prioprity.

You may say it takes away from being a child, but in this day and age, you need a unit – a family – MORE in time of crisis than you need a child.

This whole month FEMA did a weekly way for you to prepare, but if you missed the beginning of the month, here is the whole list.

If you’re reading this and it’s not September, I say start now in homesteading and prepping your house and family for what’s to come as “insurance” to be prepared. I get a lot of friends say they don’t know where to start.

Well here’s your guide:


Week 1: Make a Plan

  • #PrepareToProtect means preparing to protect everyone you love. Start by making a plan before disasters and emergencies strike.
  • Discuss with your household or family how you will communicate if there is an emergency.
  • Decide and practice your emergency plan with members of your household.
  • Houses, mobile homes, apartments, and high-rise buildings have different evacuation considerations. Make a plan for each: 
  • Involve your entire family, including your children, in planning for disasters and emergencies so they are prepared, not afraid

Week 2: Build a Kit

  • Create or update your emergency supplies with this list:
  • Make sure your emergency kit is ready to go in case you need evacuate. Include:
    • Enough food and water to last several days.
    • Medication, face masks and disinfectant for everyone in your household.
    • Pet supplies.
  • When building a kit, people with disabilities should consider the items they use daily, as well as life-sustaining items.
  • Have medication for at least three days in your emergency supplies.
  • Check the expiration date on your emergency supplies, and replace any old items. 
  • Get the kids involved in building their own emergency kit:
  • Kids bored? We can help. Check out our online Ready Kids Build A Kit game: 
  • Include your child’s favorite stuffed animals, board games, books or music in their emergency kit to comfort them in a disaster.

Week 3: Low-Cost, No-Cost Preparedness

  • Download or order your free preparedness products to help your family plan and prepare for the next emergency.
  • Drills aren’t just for your toolbox. Practice emergency drills with your family regularly. 
  • Emergencies can happen anytime, and less than half of American families have a communication plan. Plan ahead: 
  • Make preparing fun for kids! Go on a scavenger hunt around your house for items you already have to add to your disaster supply kit. Follow this list: and see how many items you can check off!
  • Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate. Visit:

Week 4: Teach Youth About Preparedness

  • Review your family emergency communications plan with kids at your next household meeting.
  • Kids, parents, & educators, visit the Ready Kids web pages in Spanish:
  • Need tips for talking to your kids about natural disasters? Visit
  • Many Americans aren’t familiar with their child’s school evacuation & reunification plans. Are you?
  • Kids can become Disaster Masters with this @Readygov preparedness game: 
  • Get involved in Teen CERT. Find opportunities by learning about Teen CERT online:
  • Your community needs YOU! Find opportunities to help your community here:

One day I’ll make videos and talks about my preps around my house and how we have done it without breaking the bank.

Let me know in the comments how you homestead and what questions or concerns you have so we can all help each other