#MotownMom What You Need To Know About Budgeting #budget #savings #moneymanagement [video]

In this unexpected time we need to get our control of money to prepare to ease into the New Year or just get control of our finances because we’re broke all the time.

I found this great video that explains and helps with how to save money, control expenses, pay off bills and even put a little aside for wants.


A lot of these methods I used like the envelope method, the Jim Rohns and a couple of others mixed together to force me to get where I am.

Here’s a chart from the video you can use.

Let me know what methods you use or you are going to try and let’s get to saving

Need more water, but don’t want to pay the water company another dime? [Video] DIY Rain Water Collection

I’ve seen a lot of rain water collection systems and determined from my husband and mine camping trip about a year ago, together we may use 40 gallons every three days. (This doesn’t include drinking water and we did take showers). I know I opted for navy showers, but my husband likes to run the water a lot in his ten minute shower.

In any case, I’m also doing a garden which I’ve found depending on the temperature outside, is how much I need to water and my plants eat up about a gallon a day of water or more.

There was a cause for concern earlier this year when we went without power for almost four days. Yes. boredom almost killed us but the fact that we didn’t know if the house pump was working and we couldn’t determine how much water we had in the system, we opted to get water from my father’s. I used my 5 gallon water containers, which we ended up refilling three times in our four day period. My husband understood navy showers by now. I got my two water containers free. but you can also get them from amazon. We used this water for toilet flushing, quick wash ups and cleaning. If there was extra water after cleaning, washing up or cooking, I added it to a gray water tank to use for flushing, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

I also was about to break out our collapsible container as well which I highly recommend. Click here

Anyhow, I’ve always thought about adding a water diverter on my roof spouts but I’m so afraid to cut into the gutters. Most videos say do this, but I could never overcome the fear.

So I want to be able to collect Rain water for several reasons.

  1. My garden and fountain system
  2. Emergencies happen and you never know when you need the extra amount (hence example above)

Then this video comes along!




This video was a great water to get the water from the rain and to keep the bugs out. In addition to what they did I’d also add rocks to the bottom to get rid of a lot of things that could still slip in, plus add wait to the bucket in wind storms.

Let me know what you think? If I build it, of course, I’ll do my own video. Subscribe for updates!

Find updated food pantries in Metro Detroit #motownmoxiemom

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  • Food banks and free food pantries in Detroit as well as Wayne County, plus other services Click here

If you have an exclusive food giveaway event coming up, please leave in the comments.

.@HabitatDetroit Rock Community Challenge #makeadifference #detroit Help US Help OTHERS! via #motownmom

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Every day families in Detroit struggle to pay rent, while they do everything they can to make ends meet. The Rock Family of Companies Community Challenge brings Habitat for Humanity Detroit another opportunity to bring safe and affordable housing to our neighbors. Help us participate in this challenge by donating or forming a fundraiser team to share the cause!


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#Motownmom #DetroitHomesteading Preparing for the worst and having during the best. [video] Challenging Times Ahead – Stock up! #prepping

Found a great video as a homesteading and prepping reminder to get our homes in order.

Homesteading is not for when it’s bad, but it also saves money even in the good times. I’ve always tried to always been prepared for the worst and I’m glad I was able to help my family when things went bad for them because I did have a surplus at my home to help them out

Let me know your thoughts after you watch the video

Become A Member of the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op #motownmom

DPFC & KAN Books Co-Op Member Mama Hanifa Adjuman Speaking during DPFC Annual Meeting 2019.
For the past several years there has been a movement to change the culture of food in the city of Detroit. Food sovereignty. What does it look like to own what you eat and not have your food be controlled by outside forces? What does it mean to not only be a headcount in a community meeting but a decision maker on what actually happens in the spaces that impact us most like where we get our food.
Early DPFC Meeting December 2015 @ Red Door Digital. Photographer: Jamii Tata.
Today is a great day to affirm sovereignty in our food system. Become a member of the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op or donate to create an opportunity for another Detroiter to become a member as we move us closer to being a city with a community controlled and owned grocery store in the North End neighborhood of Detroit.

Rendering of the Detroit Food Commons where the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op Grocery Store will Live. Rendering by Russell Baltimore of Baltimore Design.

To join, please visit: https://detroitpeoplesfoodcoop.com/register/. To donate, visit: https://detroitpeoplesfoodcoop.com/contact/. For support with the application, questions on payments or to hear from another co-op member please email: kanbooks@knowallegiance.org.

*The Detroit People’s Food Co-Op is an independent organization. Know Allegiance Nation and KAN Books are partners that support DPFC. All words and sentiments above are representative of Know Allegiance Nation. Learn more about DPFC here: https://detroitpeoplesfoodcoop.com/about-us/.

Adam Torres interviews Sylvia Hubbard, Author & Founder of Motown Writers Network in this episode [podcast] #motownmom @bigmoneymatters

Adam Torres interviews Sylvia Hubbard, Author & Founder of Motown Writers Network in this episode.

This #motownmoxiemom describes three ways to get through grief, crisis and hard times. LISTEN NOW

Listen to the full podcast episode:



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Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:

Find updated food pantries in Metro Detroit #motownmoxiemom

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  • Food banks and free food pantries in Detroit as well as Wayne County, plus other services Click here

If you have an exclusive food giveaway event coming up, please leave in the comments.

#MotownMom tips: Reheating food | Forget the microwave. It’s overrated. What do you prefer?

Albeit I love the microwave because it’s quick and easy, but the way it dries the food out just gets me upset.

I know I need to go back to using the stove and my husband always reheats his food like any breaded items in the stove, so I’m learning to do this.

How do you prefer to heat your food?

This is the best way to reheat leftovers

roasted potatoes in cast iron pan
Public Domain Sarah Gualtieri / Unsplash

Hint: Forget the microwave. It’s overrated.

I grew up in a house without a microwave. This meant that I had to make do with other, less technologically-advanced methods to reheat leftovers. While it seemed annoying when I was a teenager, this taught me something crucial, that there are better ways of reheating certain foods than simply stabbing a few buttons and eating whatever hot mess emerges. read more https://www.treehugger.com/green-food/best-way-reheat-leftovers.html

.@DetroitBLM Still Need You #detroit #motownmom


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