Why Parents Should Read Novels to Little Kids

There’s nothing wrong with picture books, but for a richness of language and character development, parents should look to novels.

Children often fixate on a single story, which they force their parents to read again and again (and again). That’s as it should be. Repetition is an important aspect of learning to read and crucial to brain development. But for parents, that repetition can feel like torture (If I have to read Goodnight Moonone more time…). The good news is that parents don’t need to relegate reading time to picture books. In fact, experts suggest taking a kid on an occasional literary journey across Middle Earth with The Hobbit, or following Jim Hawkins to Treasure Island.

Kids are smarter than we tend to think. “They’re capable of understanding vocabulary at a much higher level than they can actually read,” Judy Packhem, a reading specialist, consultant, and owner of Shaping Readers, told Fatherly. “If we only gave them books that they could read by themselves, they’re not going to be exposed to some that robust and rich vocabulary.”

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#MotownMom: Foreclosure Case, Enabling Low-Income Detroiters in Foreclosure to Keep Their Homes for $1,000 | LAST DAY TO APPLY!

Eligible Homeowners Must Apply Immediately to be Approved by July 13 Deadline

Detroit homeowners who are currently in tax foreclosure and believe they are qualified should apply immediately, as they must be approved by July 13, to meet requirements of the Wayne County Treasurer. For assistance, contact the United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) at (313) 963-3310, ext. 339.

Thank you to ACLU of Michigan, MorningSide Community Organization (CDAD Member!) and everyone that worked hard to make this settlement possible!

DETROIT— Detroit homeowners with incomes below or near the federal poverty line will be able to avoid tax foreclosure and stay in their homes for a cost of $1,000, under terms of a legal settlement approved today by the Detroit City Council. The agreement also makes it less burdensome for residents to apply for a city program exempting low-income homeowners from taxes they cannot afford. The settlement resolves MorningSide Community Organization v. Sabree, a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Michigan, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF), and Covington & Burling LLP, on behalf of seven Detroit homeowners and four neighborhood associations.

“We are excited to partner with the City of Detroit and community organizations to craft a creative settlement that will prevent thousands of Detroiters from losing their homes to tax foreclosure,” said Michael J. Steinberg, legal director of the ACLU of Michigan. “It is a win for homeowners unfairly facing loss of their homes, and a win for the city, which will have fewer abandoned properties in residential neighborhoods. This agreement will hopefully mark the beginning of the end of the worst tax foreclosure crises since the Great Depression.

Detroit Foreclosure Prevention Workshops to apply for 2018 Poverty Tax Exemption (PTE)


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University of #Detroit Mercy hosts ‘Money Matters for Youth’ Camp with @GailPMason


University of Detroit Mercy

Gary D. Lichtman, Director — lichtmgd@udmercy.edu

Media Relations


University of Detroit Mercy hosts

‘Money Matters for Youth’ Camp

DETROIT—Young investors ages 8-18 are invited to attend a five-day camp at University of Detroit Mercy July 16-20.  “Money Matters for Youth” (MMFY) was established to teach 90 students on the McNichols Campus the basics of economics and financial literacy.


Detroit Mercy alumna Gail Perry-Mason, a respected  entrepreneur, author, speaker and financial coach, will lead the camp, which runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Perry-Mason has worked with over 6,000 young people in the city, educating them about the importance of money management from an early age.

The MMFY program has recently gained world-wide attention by offering financial literacy education at a recent meeting with Warren Buffett, providing Perry-Mason’s students with a rare opportunity to meet one of the most successful investors in modern economic and financial history.

All activities encourage financial awareness and literacy, goal setting, collaboration and personal presentation.

Perry-Mason is passionate about financial literacy. “This program was launched because of a need I saw in our youth. It’s important that children learn the value of themselves before they learn the value of the dollar,” she said. Additionally, she’s taking her message to Detroit Public Schools children by implementing a program that teaches young people the steps to entrepreneurship.

“The MMFY curriculum for the camp will allow participants to gain pertinent information on money management including diversifying wealth and learning wealth indicators, personal and business banking, the importance of obtaining and maintaining good credit, investments, and entrepreneurship,” Perry-Mason said. “The program was also designed to give youth an opportunity to learn business etiquette from the dining room to the board room.”

For more information, contact Joseph Weglarz, professor of Economics via email at weglarzj@udmercy.edu


About University of Detroit Mercy

University of Detroit Mercy is Michigan’s largest and most comprehensive Catholic university, sponsored by the Religious Sisters of Mercy and the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). Today’s University boasts the heritage of two founding institutions: the University of Detroit, founded in 1877 by the Jesuits, and Mercy College of Detroit, founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1941.  The two consolidated as University of Detroit Mercy in 1990. Detroit Mercy offers more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional academic degrees and programs through seven schools and colleges. Detroit Mercy educates the whole person, focusing on the value of excellent academics, service to the community and a deeper spirituality to prepare graduates to live lives of purpose. For more information, please visit www.udmercy.edu.

27 June, 2018 13:09


#Lawnguru is like Uber for your Lawn… Use my code “sylviarox5” for $5 discount #MotownMom (ad) www.lawnguru.co For more details, view here

Being a single mom in the city, it’s really hard to have a dependable person to cut your lawn, when you want it cut.

Now that my son is not around as much, it’s even more difficult and I can’t trust everyone to come out and do a good job.

So when I found the LawnGuru services through Amazon home and business services I was in like Flynn… (I actually don’t know what that means), but I was in love.

I downloaded the Lawnguru app from my Google Play services (because Androids rule) and then I added my property and a credit card. It was really simple. Since my lawn grows when it wants to, I wasn’t locked into a contract. I could step up a one time use when I wanted and then I requested service.

It really feels like Uber for lawn care because depending on the weather and my bank account, I can’t always cut the lawn.

Having this service assures me I can get the lawn cut when I need it cut and keeping my property looking good.

P.S. They also do snow removal also

I highly recommend this service and please use my code “sylviarox5” for $5’s off your next service.

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#MotownMom: Donuts for Diaper Drive via @WayneMetroCAA #Detroit #WayneCounty

Bring diapers or a donation and enjoy assorted donuts, coffee and juice. Learn about the diaper need in Wayne County.


#MotownMom’s Treat Yourself & Get a Discounted @Amazon #Prime with your EBT account

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– Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card.
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GM, Detroit chamber launch $150,000 neighborhood nonprofit grant program via @sherriwelch @crainsdetroit

Last year, when General Motors Co. put out a request for proposals for the city of Detroit, it received about 100 grant applications mostly from grassroots community groups with important causes.

The groups had heart and were looking to address critical causes, but they weren’t sharing the metrics and social outcomes the car maker requires of its grantees, said GM Chief Philanthropic Officer Lori Wingerter. As a result, those groups didn’t move through the granting process

However, this left Wingerter thinking about what the company could do to help, and that led to joint development of a new neighborhood grant program with the Detroit Regional Chamber.

GM is granting $150,000 to help the Chamber fund the pilot NeighborhoodHub Community Grant program which would provide $30,000 grants to a community group in each of five Detroit neighborhoods.

read more http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20180531/news/662341/gm-detroit-chamber-launch-150000-neighborhood-nonprofit-grant-program


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