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Authors and bloggers both hate promotion, but at the same time they need it to gain visibility. Unless you are fortunate enough to have thousands of people reading your words daily and that are willing to spread the word like wildfire about your new release, you have to do much of that promoting yourself.

I am a blogger. I have done some book promotions, but really all I have done is present books by writers to those that frequent my blog. That is all I have done and it is the same thing I’ll do when I publish my own book. There is a fine line between promotion and spamming people. I’ll explain how I view that line.

People that get annoyed or upset by promotion are the same people that will get annoyed and upset over my posting habits. They are the same bloggers and writers that feel everyone…

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Are You Addicted To Your Paycheck? 7 Reasons You’re Salary Addict #motownmom


Your salary is a Drug, It’s like Cocaine! Having a salary is the biggest addiction to them who earns regularly. Sometime it might be harmful more than drugs. Even I’m addicted to my income, and I think I shouldn’t be. After years I’m having a regular income, I found myself addicted to my salary. Probably you too. now I need to find the way “How not to get addicted to your salary.” 

Having a Salary is like having a Drug Addiction.

Ever wonder why are you addicted to your salary? 

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Watch “Frugal Foodies: Making Dinner at a Discount” #motownmom

Watch “First Lady Michelle Obama: “Hope Is Necessary” | Oprah Special | Oprah Winfrey Network” #MotownMom

America Must Build On Commitment To Young People, Especially Black Boys — 105.9 Kiss-FM

The result of last week’s long-awaited presidential election has each of us reflecting on our collective futures. As national and local leaders, we are considering how to both protect and build on the progress we have made to expand opportunity for our communities over the past eight years, and enlist all corners of our community to…

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Event:Math & Nature #Detroit #POWEROrgMath #belleIsle Dec4Th #MotownMom

​Join #POWEROrgMath. 

We’re empowering families and youth alongside our friends at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo ! Register. Share. Donate. 

Consider volunteering. This is a great opportunity for high school students, teams, clubs, and families to engage youth ages 5 – 10 while earning” service learning / community service” hours.

#POPUpMathLab #POWEROrgMath

You’re invited to Sheriff Duty Employment Round-up (Dec 3, 2016) #motownmom

You are invited to the following event:



Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EST)

2727 2nd Ave
2727 2nd Avenue
Conference Rooms 2 & 3
Detroit, MI 48201

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On December 3rdBest Practices Consulting Services, LLC will host an employment round-up for those seeking employment as a Deputy in the Wayne County Sheriff’s department.  Come out and speak to the recruitment officer who can walk you through the application process.  Applications will be on hand.

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. We are seeking 200 applicants, so please share this information with your networks.

There is free parking in the rear.  You cannot enter in the front of the building.  Come in through the back, the guard will buzz you into the yard and into the building.

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We hope you can make it!

Laura Sigmon, Best Practices Consulting Services, LLC

This Is the Hottest Toy of 2017 — #MotownMom

The hottest new toy of 2017 is already sold out. Spin Master, the company that brought you the Build-a-Bear Workshop and Etch-a-Sketch, is seeing similarly wild success with Hatchimals–furry creatures that actually hatch and develop the more kids play with them. The demand is high even with the $60 price tag, which is about $50…

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Here’s Where You Can Find the McDonald’s McRib — Fortune

The McRib is back, and McDonald’s wants to help you find one. The pork sandwich isn’t available at all McDonald’s locations. To make sure you can hunt one down, the company has released a mobile app that shows you where it’s being served up–the McDonald’s McRib Finder. It’s an iMessage app that uses your location…

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How to Get $20 Off an Amazon Prime Subscription — Fortune

If you’ve been wanting an Amazon Prime Subscription but aren’t willing to pay $99, there’s good news: Starting tomorrow, new members can sign up for $79–a price that will save you about 20% on the first year’s annual membership fee. But if you’re interested, act fast: The discount is only available for one day. According…

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