Happy Bacon Day – December 30th #motownmoxiemom

The one day keeping me from becoming a vegetarian. So Delicious, I forget any diet I’m on when bacon is involved

Do you have a weakness for bacon?

Family Matters provides parents and families with information about special education and other resources. from Michigan.gov #motownmom


Family Matters, a special outreach program through the Michigan Department of Education, provides parents and families with information about special education laws, rules, services, and practices. Easy-to-understand documents are provided in English, Arabic, and Spanish that detail items such as Accommodations, Educational Evaluation, and Placement.

Become A Member of the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op #motownmom

DPFC & KAN Books Co-Op Member Mama Hanifa Adjuman Speaking during DPFC Annual Meeting 2019.
For the past several years there has been a movement to change the culture of food in the city of Detroit. Food sovereignty. What does it look like to own what you eat and not have your food be controlled by outside forces? What does it mean to not only be a headcount in a community meeting but a decision maker on what actually happens in the spaces that impact us most like where we get our food.
Early DPFC Meeting December 2015 @ Red Door Digital. Photographer: Jamii Tata.
Today is a great day to affirm sovereignty in our food system. Become a member of the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op or donate to create an opportunity for another Detroiter to become a member as we move us closer to being a city with a community controlled and owned grocery store in the North End neighborhood of Detroit.

Rendering of the Detroit Food Commons where the Detroit People’s Food Co-Op Grocery Store will Live. Rendering by Russell Baltimore of Baltimore Design.

To join, please visit: https://detroitpeoplesfoodcoop.com/register/. To donate, visit: https://detroitpeoplesfoodcoop.com/contact/. For support with the application, questions on payments or to hear from another co-op member please email: kanbooks@knowallegiance.org.

*The Detroit People’s Food Co-Op is an independent organization. Know Allegiance Nation and KAN Books are partners that support DPFC. All words and sentiments above are representative of Know Allegiance Nation. Learn more about DPFC here: https://detroitpeoplesfoodcoop.com/about-us/.

Happy Holidays! 🎅🏾🎄❄️from #motownmoxiemom

Happy Holidays to all who follow me and know I pray you have a beautiful and prosperous 2023
Your author, Sylvia Hubbard

Find updated food pantries in Metro Detroit #motownmoxiemom

Related image

  • Food banks and free food pantries in Detroit as well as Wayne County, plus other services Click here

If you have an exclusive food giveaway event coming up, please leave in the comments.

Habitat for Humanity Detroit Year End Giving 2022 #motownmom @habitatdetroit

Please join our Board of Directors in providing critical funds to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity Detroit as we celebrate 35 years of serving the Detroit community!


Happy Winter Solstice – December 21st #motownmoxiemom – It’s cold! What are you doing to save money on heat?

Fact: The winter solstice, also called the hibernal solstice, occurs when either of Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. This happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere

It’s getting cold. And we’re finding ways to keep the heat down, while saving as much money to pay for upcoming bills as it gets colder

  1. We made sure we’re on a money saving plan through our gas/electric department
  2. Closed all drafts around the house with blankets or window coverings
  3. Keep the thermometer no higher than 70
  4. Layer – before touching the therometer we added more layers. Dollar Tree socks are great and we had fleece blankets from the thrift store.
  5. Close vents in the basement so you’re not heating unnecessary areas

And for safety, plug electrical heaters directly in the wall and if you buy new make sure they have a tip over function.

Did you like these tips? Which one? Do you have a tip to add? Answer in the comments

Plan Pray Parent Notebook – free download w/bonus #motownmom

The Plan Pray Parent Notebook was created to help you find Your way to success and happiness with your children, in your home, with your business and most importantly in yourself. 


How to Love a Black Woman guide to rants, raves and self love 

What you will find inside:

The 3 principals in detail of Plan Pray Parent, plus ways to take note and make reminders to help you on your journey to success and happiness


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2022 Memory of the Year #motownmoxiemom – What’s your favorite memory? #

Out of all the pictures i had in my phone, this one made me smile.
You see just a planter with the lid on the outside.
I see an ingenious 15 dollar saving per plant
Terra Cotta water drippers cost between 15 to 65 dollars.
I had these in my storage for a couple of years with nothing to do with them.
So I flipped them upside down, glued the bottom inside and used the hole at the bottom to fill with water. Worked beautifully and through the summer my plants didn’t dry out or die on long trips.
It may seem silly to you, but to me, it was small and efficient.
So this means a lot to me because it still shows me that no matter how old i get I’m still smart.

“When you think back on 2022, how will you remember this year? I’d love to hear your best memories in the comments!”

Let’s recognize Human Rights Day – December 10th #motownmoxiemom

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December — the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948.

This day reminds us of our powers to stop any injustice or abuse by ANY authority.