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#MotownMom: Joined A-List and LOVE IT! Well Worth the Cost and Highly Recommend! #MovieBuffs UNITE!

#MotownMom: Joined A-List and LOVE IT! Well Worth the Cost and Highly Recommend! #MovieBuffs UNITE!


#Lawnguru is like Uber for your Lawn… Use my code “sylviarox5” for $5 discount #MotownMom (ad) For more details, view here

Being a single mom in the city, it’s really hard to have a dependable person to cut your lawn, when you want it cut.

Now that my son is not around as much, it’s even more difficult and I can’t trust everyone to come out and do a good job.

So when I found the LawnGuru services through Amazon home and business services I was in like Flynn… (I actually don’t know what that means), but I was in love.

I downloaded the Lawnguru app from my Google Play services (because Androids rule) and then I added my property and a credit card. It was really simple. Since my lawn grows when it wants to, I wasn’t locked into a contract. I could step up a one time use when I wanted and then I requested service.

It really feels like Uber for lawn care because depending on the weather and my bank account, I can’t always cut the lawn.

Having this service assures me I can get the lawn cut when I need it cut and keeping my property looking good.

P.S. They also do snow removal also

I highly recommend this service and please use my code “sylviarox5” for $5’s off your next service.

For first time users, you can get $15 off your first request “OwkUnuxZIE”

#MotownMom’s Treat Yourself and Get a Discounted @Amazon #Prime with your EBT account

Try Prime Discounted Monthly Offering

– Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card.
– Enjoy the benefits of Prime at almost 50% off the regular monthly price

Learn More



#MotownMom: Joined A-List and LOVE IT! Well Worth the Cost and Highly Recommend! #MovieBuffs UNITE!

AMC Stubs® Premiere™ 

I am a die hard movie lover. I have always been and when Moviepass was first launched I ALMOST jumped on the bandwagon.

But I didn’t and I’m glad I waited.

Actually, I thought Amazon was going to buy a whole slew of movie theatres and just allow Prime members to go for free.

That didn’t happen.

But the next favorite thing happened.

AMC came out with A-List

What’s A-List? 

See up to 3 movies every week in Dolby Cinema, IMAX, RealD 3D & more. Plus, get star status and the same perks as AMC Stubs Premiere for just $19.95/month (+tax). Click here for more information

Two trips to the movie in one month actually paid for itself and with earning $5 for every 50 bucks I spend, when we buy anything or bring the whole family, (which is about once a month) then I end up saving more money.

Yes, you say, you can only spend it at the movies but I was going to do that anyway.

You get to see new movies, old movies about to come out movies all within your 3 movie a week membership. Plus, when it’s busy, you can jump the line and grab your tickets you pr-ordered and sometimes the refreshment line rolls out the red carpet for you.

It’s so cool to see everyone’s sour face as they take care of you first before the “peasants.” LOL. Yeah, not funny, but funny.

If you go to the movies at least twice a month or want to go to the movies more but don’t see the cost-benefit, I highly suggest you join this movie club.

Click here for more information or just hit home and join! 


Celebration of Elevation. by Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S 10th Anniversary November 17th Metro #Detroit cc @positivesisters @kimlenailer

We are excited that you have supported our annual fundraising event throughout the years, and looking forward to you joining us on November 17, 2018 as we celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary!
Stay tuned as we will be sharing previews of what you will experience at this epic event. You don’t want to miss the Celebration of Elevation.
If you ever have any questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to touch base with me.
It’s my mission that you know your heart’s desire so it leads you into greater heights!!!
Kimle Nailer
Founder, Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S.
(313) 402-4997
Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S. | P.O. Box 241561 Detroit, MI 48224


The Detroit Black Doll Show, the Largest of its Kind in the Midwest, Will Be Held on November 10th Metro #Detroit #MotownMom via @sandysland4u

This year’s show will include one of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther cast members, and provide a full day of fun and empowerment for the entire family!

Detroit Black Doll Show

Attendees at last year’s show

Detroit, MI — Sandy’s Land LLC is an entertainment service where the mission is to “Party with a Purpose” and it will be celebrating its 7th Detroit Doll Show with a unique program geared toward the entire family on Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 11am to 6:30pm at the DoubleTree By Hilton, 5801 Southfield FWY, Detroit MI 48228 (near Ford Road).

read more details:

Early Bird, Single and Group Tickets are sold online at Tickets will be sold at the door for $10.


Sandra Epps
(313) 492-6953

Two personal stories and only two days left to support frm S.A.F.E. via @mskalyn ‏ #domesticabuse #prevention #surviors #detroit #motownmom

SAFE Volunteer Coordinator’s Personal Story
Click link for a POWERFUL poem of Andrea Daniel’s personal testimony of domestic violence. I would HIGHLY encourage you to read or listen to the audio version.  Listen to the end where she highlights her support of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment SAFE and of the Purple Purse Challenge.

Please share with others and on your social networks
SAFE is asking for you to donate and support our efforts in the Allstate Purple Purse Challenge.
This challenge raises funds during October which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we need YOUR help to win BIG cash prizes from Allstate
The Allstate Purple Purse Challenge Ends on October 31st.
 Every donation makes all the difference so please CLICK HERE and give what you can.  100% of the money raised for SAFE will go to help survivors of domestic violence in Detroit, Michigan
Thank you for your support!!!
SERENA WILLIAMS is the Allstate PURPLE PURSE Challenge Ambassador. Serena Williams designed this all leather purple purse, pictured below.  Everyone who donates at least $10 will be entered into a drawing to win one of these limited edition purses given by the Allstate Foundation
Click here to learn how the Allstate Foundation supports domestic violence and raises awareness regarding economic abuse. There are also resources and tools for victims and survivors of abuse:
SAFE Founder’s Domestic Violence Story
SAFE’s Founder, Kalyn Risker Fahie shares her story of domestic abuse and how she found Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) in this powerful video.
Trigger Warning: This video does contain graphic photographs of abuse. Please feel free to share and repost.
Trigger Warning: Graphic Images and Descriptions of Domestic Violence
Shop Amazon and Help SAFE
Did you know that when you shop on Amazon a percentage of your purchase can benefit SAFE all year long through the AmazonSmile program?
Now Amazon is offering a special promotion, Now through Nov 2nd, AmazonSmile is donating 5% (ten times the usual amount) to Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment when you shop at

Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Mission
To equip survivors with the financial tools and resources needed to enable women to leave or recover from the economic portion of domestic violence.
Please forward widely to your contacts and networks 
Thank you for your support!
Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment, 269 Walker Street, #721, Detroit, MI 48207

How to set up parental controls on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.

Today’s video streaming services are absolutely amazing for children’s content, both educational and entertaining, but the savvy little monsters soon learn their way around an interface.

Before you know it, you’ll think you left your innocent toddler watching Wishenpoof and come back to find her staring wide-eyed at a fight scene in Ronja.

It’s important to understand how to set up your systems so that your precious poppets don’t see something they aren’t yet old enough to process.

read more

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