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#MotownMom’s Treat Yourself and Get a Discounted @Amazon #Prime with your EBT account

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– Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card.
– Enjoy the benefits of Prime at almost 50% off the regular monthly price

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#MotownMom: Joined A-List and LOVE IT! Well Worth the Cost and Highly Recommend! #MovieBuffs UNITE!

AMC Stubs® Premiere™ 

I am a die hard movie lover. I have always been and when Moviepass was first launched I ALMOST jumped on the bandwagon.

But I didn’t and I’m glad I waited.

Actually, I thought Amazon was going to buy a whole slew of movie theatres and just allow Prime members to go for free.

That didn’t happen.

But the next favorite thing happened.

AMC came out with A-List

What’s A-List? 

See up to 3 movies every week in Dolby Cinema, IMAX, RealD 3D & more. Plus, get star status and the same perks as AMC Stubs Premiere for just $19.95/month (+tax). Click here for more information

Two trips to the movie in one month actually paid for itself and with earning $5 for every 50 bucks I spend, when we buy anything or bring the whole family, (which is about once a month) then I end up saving more money.

Yes, you say, you can only spend it at the movies but I was going to do that anyway.

You get to see new movies, old movies about to come out movies all within your 3 movie a week membership. Plus, when it’s busy, you can jump the line and grab your tickets you pr-ordered and sometimes the refreshment line rolls out the red carpet for you.

It’s so cool to see everyone’s sour face as they take care of you first before the “peasants.” LOL. Yeah, not funny, but funny.

If you go to the movies at least twice a month or want to go to the movies more but don’t see the cost-benefit, I highly suggest you join this movie club.

Click here for more information or just hit home and join! 




Fans of SAY YES TO THE DRESS will want to know #Detroit via @KeashaBridal

Beautiful Bridal with Keasha Rigsby | 313-877-9037 |
Beautiful Bridal with Keasha Rigsby | 2921 E Jefferson AveDetroit, MI 48207


Lunch Time Hustle w/@CityofDetroit #motownmom

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Help With Water Bills August 29th via @DABODetroit ‏ #motownmom #Detroit @cityofdetroit

To Register for 
For More Information 
Please Call 
(313) 491-0003

Detroit at Work Newsletter – August 2018 via @detroitatwork #motownmom

Welcome to the ‘Detroit at Work’ newsletter, your source for information on training classes, recruitment events, workshops and other job-related activities. Subscribe below to always be informed about the newest opportunities for career growth and development!
August 2018
Grow Detroit’s Young Talent Youth Attend Work Etiquette Summit  
Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) hosted a day long summit at COBO to teach its youth about workplace etiquette such as problem solving, conflict management, and decision making. Read how GDYT is improving the next generation for the workforce.
See if You’re Eligible for Free Expungement This Saturday
If your criminal record is preventing you from achieving your employment goals, you’re not alone. The City of Detroit schedules ‘Project Clean Slate’ events throughout the year. There is one coming up on August 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Make sure you bring your photo ID and find out more details here.
Start Your Skilled Trades Career With Free Training
Free training is available for a wide range of Detroit skilled trades careers. Information meetings are held the first and third Thursday of the month at 5 p.m. at Northwest Activities Center. Learn more about these programs here.
Career Path of the Month: Information Technology

You can begin a rewarding career in the information technology (IT) industry by starting a training program with Detroit At Work. There are many opportunities currently available for Detroiters. Don’t wait, begin your training journey today!

Get Your License Back with Detroit at Work
By completing workforce development training, the $125 reinstatement fee is waived and you’ll get your license before the automatic forgiveness date of Oct. 1, 2018Visit our website to learn how the program works!
Pursue a Career in Customer Service and Communication
If you have an interest in Customer Service and Communication, there is an opportunity to make it happen. The training course is designed to introduce you to the skills and requirements of this career path. Read the full program details and start your new path today. 
Over 7,000 Jobs Available Today 

Head to the Detroit At Work website and search for your next opportunity now. Start searching here.

Recruitment & Job Opportunities
Thousands of recruitment and job opportunities are available for Detroiters, including:

Machine Operations – Aug. 17

Janitors – Aug. 17

Material Handlers – Aug. 17

Warehouse Set Up – Aug. 17

Remodel Workers – Aug. 17

Cake Decorators – Aug. 17

Diesel Mechanics – Aug. 20

Merchandise Execution – Aug. 20

Sanitation Utility Workers – Aug. 22

Cold Food Prep Workers – Aug. 22

Merchandise Execution – Aug. 22

Production & Assembly Positions – Aug. 23 

Detroit at Work Career Centers are located at:
Samaritan Center
(5555 Conner)
Northwest Activities Center
(18100 Meyers)
SER Metro
News From Our Partners
City of Detroit Events
There’s a lot happening in and around Detroit! To see the events and when they’re going on, check out City of Detroit’s calendar. View event calendars for the remainder of July and August.

TechHire Provide Intro To Coding Bootcamp
This 12-week program is specifically for Detroit Residents only. Read the details of TechHire’s bootcamp here. 

Wayne County Community College District
Explore the career possibilities at Wayne County Community College. Skim the schedule for fall to see what classes are being offered.

Register at Detroit at Work
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Visit our Career Centers (link to map)
SER Metro – 9301 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210
Samaritan Center – 5555 Conner, Detroit, MI 48213
Northwest Activities Center – 18100 Meyers, Detroit, MI 48235

Lunch Time Hustle w/@CityofDetroit #motownmom

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Donate to Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance today! #motownmom


As a former Cody Comet this is near and dear to my heart and I need you guys to help and support my high school sister, Kenyetta M Peoples who is really awesome.

Lunch Time Hustle w/@CityofDetroit #motownmom

Hustle Kickoff