Habitat for Humanity Detroit Home Happenings Jan2023 #motownmom

Dear Habitat Homeowners, 

We’re already a month into 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead. With you by our side, we’ll continue to reach life-changing milestones, expand our growing community, and explore the endless benefits of homeownership, one project at a time. We are so blessed to have you as a part of our Habitat family, and our gratitude for each and every one of you continues to multiply each day. Our community wouldn’t be the same without you! 

In order to prepare for the exciting months ahead, we wanted to share some insightful home maintenance tips to help you create a clean and chaos-free environment before jumping into the new year. Here’s a quick checklist to get you started: Schedule a “fix-it” weekend to complete minor repairs that take less than a day (e.g. fixing loose screws, squeaky hinges, lightbulbs, and smoke detectors).Get organized by pitching things you don’t need and purchasing quality storage bins for extra items (like excess holiday décor or seasonal gear).Create a home inventory while you’re organizing to have easy, categorical access to all of the items in each room.Plan for upcoming projects by creating a financial plan, researching specialists (like architects/contractors), and gathering materials so that you can outline your project in full.Wipe down kitchen cabinets with a homemade mixture of warm water and dish soap. Excess buildup from cooking and grease can cause damage to the finish of your kitchen surfaces, so be sure to prevent that with routine cleaning days. Replace water filters in your kitchen sink and ice makers. These should be replaced every 6 months, so starting in January will put you on track for another replacement in June. Check out this article HERE for more tips on home maintenance, and let us know what you think! 

Cheers to the incredible year ahead, we can’t wait to spend it with you. 

In gratitude, 
Your Friends at Habitat Detroit  Escrow, Equity & Credit | VIRTUAL 
February 7 @ 5:30 PM 
Click HERE to register

Increase Your Buy Power | VIRTUAL 
February 11 @ 9:30 AM 
Click HERE to register

Countdown to Closing | VIRTUAL 
February 11 @ 11 AM 
Click HERE to register

Are You Ready.Gov: Winter Weather  | VIRTUAL
February 16 @ 12:15 PM 
Click HERE to registerDo you know anyone who is ready to become a homeowner?
Share this 4-bedroom Habitat Home in Westwood Park with them!

In order to qualify, they must: Income QualifyComplete an Intake Form Obtain a pre-qualification from a lender for 80K or more  Submit Pre-qualification to intake@habitatdetroit.org  Complete the full application process and get approved Check out the home HERE or click below to share with a friend!ShareTweetForward
If you’ve had a good experience with us, we’d love to hear from you! Head to Google and write us a review — your words and time spent will be deeply appreciated! 

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