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We ALL have Strength…we just forget sometimes! #motownmom

As a new breast cancer survivor (June 2012), I am very in tune with all the efforts of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It reminds me of the first time that I realized that I had the strength to survive anything that was put in my way….

The Phoenix Rises…!

Episode 1

On a cold April night at about 3am, a mother and her 4 year old daughter were sleeping in their upstairs bedrooms.  Their mixed breed dog Bobo awakened the mother from her sleep.  The mother got up and realized that there was smoke in the house…the house was on fire.  The mother went in the room of her daughter and awakened her and said “Come on baby, we have to get out of here, there is a fire.” The mother lead her daughter through the dark smoke filled room, to the window in her bedroom and opened it.  “Wait here baby, I will be right back,” the mother told her daughter.  As the little girl watched her mother disappear through the smoke filled room, she began to cough and turned to breathe the fresh air from the window.  The little girl waited, what seemed liked forever, breathing the fresh air from the window, until she saw her mother walking through the smoke dragging the phone line.  When her mother got to the window, she called 911 for the fire department.  After about another 5 minutes, the room started to get hotter and blacker with smoke, the little girl started to cough even more and began to feel a hot sensation on her feet.  She told her Mom, “Mommy, my feet are burning,” her mother picked her up and said to her, “Just a few more minutes baby, the firemen are on their way.”  They both continued to cough and try to breathe the air from the open window.  The little girl then heard the wail of the sirens of the fire truck.  The next moment, the little girl felt someone grab her from her mother and the smoke filled room and she started feeling the sensation of going down.  The fireman was taking her down a ladder.  As they were descending the stairs, the little girl asked, “Where’s my Mommy?”  The fireman informed her that her mother was descending the stairs as well.  When the little girl and the fireman got to the ground, the little girl saw her mother coming down the ladder.  As the little girl looked up to the house, she saw her dog, Bobo in the window.  The little girl started crying and wailed to the fireman, “My dog!!”  As the little girl watched the red and yellow flames of the fire creep up the floors of the house, she continued to cry and scream for her dog to jump.  As the firemen tried to coax the dog out of the house, the dog backed into the house.  As the fire consumed the house, the fireman told the mother, “We cannot go in there to find the dog, since he has backed into the fire.”  The little girl cried as she was put into an ambulance.

At the hospital, the little girl was put on a gurney and in moments, a doctor came to check her vitals.  The doctor told the little girl “You are a brave and lucky girl, your feet got just a little hot.”  As the doctor continued his examination of the little girl, he stopped at her feet and told her that a nurse was going to come in and put some cream and gauze on her feet to make them feel better.  When the nurse came in, the little girl felt a cold cream being applied to her feet and gauze wrapped around them.  She was then taken into the hallway of the hospital, where her mother stood next to her gurney and held her hand.  As they waited, the mother told the daughter “Baby, our house burned down, but we are alive…your Grandfather is on his way to come get us.” The little girl nodded her head and fell asleep.

The next day, the mother, the little girl and her Grandfather went over to the house.  As they got out of the car, the Grandfather carried the little girl on his back, toward the burned down house.  As they climbed through the rubble to find any items they could salvage, the little girl asked her Grandfather, “Can we find Bobo?”  Her Grandfather replied, “We’ll see honey, we’ll see.” As they continued to look through the rubble, they all came upon a mound of clothes and a door that used to be a closet.  As the Grandfather lifted some of the burnt clothes, they came upon the body of their dog Bobo.  The body of Bobo was intact and it looked like he was sleeping.  The little girl saw the body of her beloved dog and began to cry, her mother hugged her and said to her, “Bobo did the job that the Lord sent him here to do…he saved our lives and he is now in doggie heaven,” The little girl continued to cry, but thought to herself….her dog was brave by saving their lives and that she would always be brave in the face of any danger, just like her doggie.  That was in 1978, that little girl was me and this is my first clear memory of my life…

My first brush with a traumatic experience happened when I was 4 years old.  Even at that young age, I learned how to handle myself in the face of danger and to deal with loss.  Not knowing then, those lessons that I learned would continue to help me throughout the rest of my life, a phoenix was born…..

Most people have experienced something, possibly traumatic, whether they were very young or older, that taught them how to face adversity and have strength.  We sometimes forget these lessons, but we all need to remember that we ALL have strength inside us to deal with whatever is put in front of us. Know that you ARE strong!

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Wednesday @Wisebread: 25 Cheap, Multi-Purpose Beauty Products @MyschaTheriault #motownmom

I’m not cheap. Honestly, I’m not, but I am frugal and not afraid to admit it. I LOVED this article and wanted to share this with my readers so much. I also forwarded the article over to my sixteen year old daughter because I know how she likes to talk about fashion and make up. You can check out her youtube at:

Now let’s find out more about 25 Cheap, Multi-Purpose Beauty Products by Myscha Theriault

woman removing makeup

We all want to look our best, but let’s face it. Our financial bottom line often takes priority over the season’s hottest shade of nail lacquer. These 25 cheap beauty products serve multiple uses while also being extremely cost-effective.


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Wednesday @Wisebread: Great Ways to Generate Passive Income #motownmom

In this day and age, having a disposal income to a household (whether it’s a one parent or two) is almost a necessity. Depending on “the man” to give us the income we need is becoming more and more scarce, so going things outside of work or around our work has helped a lot of households get the bills paid and bring stability.

Our friends at have come up with great suggestions.

Great Ways to Generate Passive Income

woman holding cash

Earning income passively is a dream for most people, since it essentially means you make money without putting in a significant time investment. Most sources of passive income will require time and some money to get started, but if successful, these opportunities can generate income for you long-term and without your direct involvement. (See also: 4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Side Income)

Here are some great ways to generate passive income.



If you have other suggestions, please add them to the comments or if you’ve started your own endeavor, let our readers know so we can support you!

Article: How to Live a Stress Free Life via @ebony_12

Home and Family: Motherhood


Expert Author Ebele Agu

These days, it is hard to find someone who is not living under pressure or stress from one thing or the other. Most people are under various types of stress and increasingly, more people are not handling stress properly, which leads to health related issues and depression.

The state of the world’s economy has become a major contributor to many stressed individuals across the globe. In the United States, unemployment rate is about 9.4 percent. The number of people without health insurance is about 49.9 million according to the Census Bureau and the percentage in 2010 of uninsured people is about 16 percent. These are discouraging numbers and understandably why so many people are in fear and under stress of losing their jobs, getting a pay cut, worried about their health, their future and indeed for parents the future of their kids.

Some of the effects of stress are:

  1. Health related issues – high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigues and low immune system.
  2. Depression – stress leads a lot of individuals to depression, some without a way out of it.
  3. Loneliness – most stressed or depressed people usually suffer from loneliness, which in itself can be a stress contributor.

How does one combat or reduce the effect of stress? How does one live a stress free life? How does one go through life with so much uncertainties without worrying too much and risk living an unhealthy life?

To avoid or combat stress or the state of being stressed, some of the actions one can take are:

    1. Exercise – taking walks and regular medium to high level activities is an excellent way of reducing stress or the effects of stress.
    1. Weight loss – this will improve your brain functions and ultimately help in reducing your stress.
    1. Healthy living – the better types of food you consume, you increase your immunity, combating any stress related factors.
    1. Support group – family, friends and co-workers are very good for your health, as long as you have a healthy relationship with them. Spending time with loved ones ensures that you get the sense of belonging to a select group of wonderful people you want to spend quality time with.
    1. Laughter – the best medicine is no joke. Laughing has been known to improve brain function.
    1. Meditation – a great stress relief activity. Studies have stressed the importance of taking a few minutes: 10-15 minutes of quiet time to reflect and clear your mind and reboot.
  1. Faith – depending on your beliefs, using your faith to your advantage helps you feel better about yourself.

There are so many reasons to wan

Article: Making the Most of Motherhood – Tips For New Moms

Expert Author Ebele Agu

Some women become mothers without the realization of the mixed blessings or the responsibilities of the role they just got into. While motherhood brings joy to those who want it and understand what goes with it, it can bring depression to a lot of other women hence the term postpartum depression which occurs in about 10% of pregnancies within a few days or even month after delivery. Its prevalence rate is approximately 1 in 679 or 0.15% or 400,000 people in USA (Source: Postpartum Depression Fact Sheet).

Becoming a mother is a role that one should be mentally and psychologically prepared for. Unfortunately no matter how one prepares for motherhood, we are not always ready for the relentless crying, sleepless nights, unknown ailments etc that comes with the baby package. Some of us develop coping mechanisms, others research to be better informed, and others have a great support system. Whatever you have, some of the tips below will ensure that you understand what to expect as a new mother:


    1. Arm yourself with information: with many resources out there, it is not difficult to find the issues you may be dealing with. While scouring the pages of books or website, remember you may be inundated with information overload. This can be contradictory and confusing, make sure that any information you receive and you want to try out is verified.
    1. Do not compare yourself to the mother next door: you want your baby to have the best of toys/gadgets imaginable. Note that too much stuff does not result to the smartest kid on the block. Focus on the love and attention that your baby craves from only you and give that. Most of the toys will not be used and you will end up spending money unnecessary. Another area of worry for most new mothers is that the mother next door lost all baby weight within two months and you after six months post delivery are still struggling. Realize that all bodies are different; doing such comparison will only leave you more upset.
    1. Comparing your baby to other babies: there is a reason that milestones are given a time frame. If your child does not walk at 10 months like your sister’s son did, wait till at least 15 to 18 months before you hit the panic button. If your child did not talk at 18 months wait till at least two before you seek a speech therapist. I know more than one kid including mine that didn’t really speak a lot till four years old and they are all doing well no.
    1. Give yourself a break: you are not a supermom, and there is no award for that yet, till then you need to ensure that you not only take care of the baby, you also need to take care of yourself. Consider this, if you do not take care of your health or well being, who will take care of your family if something happens to you? To avoid being unhappy, make sure you schedule ‘me times’ for yourself.
    1. Have a support group: when I had my second son, my support group which consists of a group of wonderful women helped me through the first month and above. I did not have family around me, these ladies ensured that I didn’t have to worry about feeding my immediate family and concentrate on taking care of the baby. Your support group could be your family or your friends; they are also the people that can help you babysit so you can have time for yourself.
  1. Prepare meals ahead: one tip that I learned and will definitely use if number three shows up is making meals ahead that will come in handy for 2-4 weeks after the birth of your child. If you have a large freezer, this is a great strategy to use. It frees your time to do other things and the rest of your family can just heat and serve without needing you. If you have to go back to work, preparing meals ahead and freezing ensures you eat homemade meals more often than processed or dining out. It is also okay to prepare baby food in batches and freeze to safe time when you need it most.


Whatever is the case, motherhood comes with a certain delight that is better experienced than told. There is no one size fits all method, do what you believe is best for your baby, you and your family.

Ebele Agu is a mom to two energetic and adorable boys ages 4 and 19mths. I am always searching for ways to improve the lives of my family and those around me.

She is a teacher, who wants the best for the kids she teaches. I have a passion for education and to do what is right for everyone.

To read my musings, find me at

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Self-Massage for New Moms: 3 Great Tips

Touch Tuesday with Versandra Kennebrew
English: A series of six illustrations showing...

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When I was young, I was taught that to touch myself was sinful. Forty years later, I am amazed at how many mis-educated women are still afraid the boogie man will get them if they think of performing a breast self examination that lasts more than sixty-seconds. For these deprived women (who somehow manage to become moms without the experience of exploring their own bodies) and liberated women alike, this article is for you.

Contemplating why my grandmother and the church would teach me that my body, my transporter, my communicator, my vessel, my temple was somehow God’s worse creation has lead me to the following conclusion, “the truth shall make you free.” So what is the truth about our amazing bodies and how we interact with them via touch? Well it sure isn’t ignore it, disconnect from it and it will grow strong and healthy. In fact, the opposite is true. Nurture, protect, explore and connect with your body and it will serve you well.

New Mom Self Massage Tips

  1. When your breasts are extra tender, try gently applying baby powder on your dry skin with your fingertips. Glide your powdered left hand from your right arm pit inward toward your heart then switch sides applying the same gentle strokes. (Supports lymphatic system)
  2. When massaging your abdomen, lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat for best results. (A bolster or pillow under your knees can add comfort to your low back) Draw large circles counter-clockwise using a moisturizing cream to promote skin elasticity.
  3. Use a wall mirror (if possible) when exploring/touching your body. Then try the same exploration with your eyes closed. Redness, darkness, new moles may be visual signs you should share with your doctor. Heat, clamminess or indentations that remain after you touch should also be brought to your doctor’s attention.

#touchtuesday #mmm #mwn

Parent-Infant Bonding Vital to Child Development

Touch Tuesday with Versandra Kennebrew

Years of studying touch has proven without a doubt that nurturing touch is vital for your child’s development. This is why its good for moms to seek out healthy ways to touch their baby. The most functional way for healthy moms to experience nurturing touch is breast feeding. A great writer, new mom, counselor and friend of mine Joanna Willis shares her story of bonding with her baby in a recent blog post. Here is an excerpt from Joannawillis’s Blog.

9 Reasons Why I Love Nursing My 9 Month Old

I Love Nursing Because:

1. It’s a wonderful way for Elyssa and I to bond. She likes to hold my fingers and gaze into my eyes while nursing. She enjoys cuddling up close to me and nursing till she’s satisfied.

2. The breast milk I produce is the perfect nutrients to keep her healthy, strong and developing on target. Breast milk also protects my baby girl from many illnesses and future health issues, therefore it’s worth the minor challenges I encountered in the beginning.

3. It’s super convenient and easy once she and I got the hang of it. I’ve never had to prepare bottles in the middle of the night or get frustrated when I run out the house and forget her diaper bag. I can just find a nice comfy spot and nurse her. My body provides her with everything that she needs. Now, latching is like second nature to her; she doesn’t need my help at all. More is an informative and inspirational blog that I recommend to young women around the world. #touchtuesday #mmm #mwn

Introducing Touch Tuesday with Versandra

Child Development

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Touch Tuesday with Versandra Kennebrew

2012 is here, the year to ignite your imagination and become the best mom possible for your baby. To help you achieve this goal, I will share what I know about loving nurturing touch and how it will help you bond with your child and encourage good social skills with other children and enhance mental and physical development. Over the next 12-months I will share with you the essence of my studies of the human body, a little touch psychology sprinkled with some funny baby/mommy scenarios.

For more than a decade I have served my community as a myomassologist and have written about touch for publications such Mind Body Soul Magazine and Massage Magazine. I invite your comments as we discuss the need for parents to share more loving, nurturing touch with their children. Some of the reasons are obvious but for many who did not receive appropriate or supporting touch growing up, this information could not only be new but profound. Please ask questions and I will do my best to answer with sincerity and scientific evidence.

Some of our Touch Tuesday topics will include: Which Way Is Up?, Healing infant massage moves, Why Is My Baby Screaming?, Massage for discovery and Stop Tickling My Feet!

Negative infant touch causes adult idiosyncrasies. Lets support our little ones as they develop into healthy adults, mind body and spirit.

#touchtuesday #mmm #mwn