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Construction Volunteer Opportunities – Habitat for Humanity Detroit

We wanted to make sure that you know that you can support HFHD through your regular shopping habits! As we move into the New Year, please make sure you are registered to support Habitat for Humanity Detroit through Amazon and Kroger so we can get the rewards. This is a very easy way to passively increase our revenue to support our programs. Please also share with your family and friends.

Kroger - Kroger Community Rewards


You can support Habitat for Humanity Detroit just by shopping at Kroger when you enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards® program. Sign up and Kroger will make a donation to Habitat Detroit every time you shop and use your Kroger Plus Card. Please follow the steps below to register your Kroger Plus Card:

  • To enroll your card go to
  • Click “create an account”. 
  • Put in your email address and password. Confirm your password.
  • Enter Kroger Plus Card number OR alt ID number.
  • Go to Community Rewards (near bottom).
  • Follow through the steps (name, address, etc.).
  • Put in Habitat for Humanity Detroit or the group number (82334).
  • Choose the correct organization.
  • Click Enroll. 

If you are having an issue with registering your card please call 1-800-KROGERS, press 5 for customer service, press 5 to speak to a customer service representative.

It's Easy to Support the LightHouse through Amazon Smile - LightHouse for  the Blind and Visually Impaired


You can also support Habitat for Humanity Detroit just by shopping online at Amazon. 

  • Go to Smile.Amazon.Com and login with your Amazon credentials. 
  • In the search box for “Find Your Charity”, type Habitat for Humanity Detroit and select the correct organization. 
  • When you shop, go to Smile.Amazon.Com each time (Amazon will even remind you!) to have 0.5% of your purchase price donated to Habitat Detroit!

Habitat for Humanity Detroit Office: 313-521-6691 Cell: 248-914-3930 

#Lawnguru is like Uber for your Lawn… Use my code “sylviarox5” for $5 discount #MotownMom (ad) For more details, view here

Being a single mom in the city, it’s really hard to have a dependable person to cut your lawn, when you want it cut.

Now that my son is not around as much, it’s even more difficult and I can’t trust everyone to come out and do a good job.

So when I found the LawnGuru services through Amazon home and business services I was in like Flynn… (I actually don’t know what that means), but I was in love.

I downloaded the Lawnguru app from my Google Play services (because Androids rule) and then I added my property and a credit card. It was really simple. Since my lawn grows when it wants to, I wasn’t locked into a contract. I could step up a one time use when I wanted and then I requested service.

It really feels like Uber for lawn care because depending on the weather and my bank account, I can’t always cut the lawn.

Having this service assures me I can get the lawn cut when I need it cut and keeping my property looking good.

P.S. They also do snow removal also

I highly recommend this service and please use my code “sylviarox5” for $5’s off your next service.

For first time users, you can get $15 off your first request “OwkUnuxZIE”

Summer Jobs for #Detroit Youth – Apply Now! #motownmom

The City of Detroit’s highly-successful summer work experience program for Detroit youth ages 14-24 – Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (HDYT) – kicked off last month. The application portal is open at and will remain open until May 20, 2022.

8,048 Detroit youth were employed through GDYT during the 2021 program, the seventh straight year of exceeding the program’s target of 8,000. To maintain social distancing protocols, GDYT made more than 6,000 of the 2021 summer opportunities virtual and the program will provide similar accommodations in 2022.

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#WomensHistoryMonth @ #motownmom

It’s March – Celebrate Reading Month with a Family Reading Challenge: Learn A Skill From A Book #motownmoxiemom

Click here to go to Amazon’s How To Section and find a book there to challenge yourself.

or find a great fiction book and learn a skill from there?

Either way, find a book that will challenge yourself to learn a new skill and then come back and let us know!

Watch “Food prices are ‘high and going higher,’ strategist says” on YouTube

Seven Sentences I wish I’d read Sooner #motownmom

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mental Health Activity Center Features Axe Throwing & Plate Breaking Rooms | Metro #Detroit #motownmom


1:11 Collective owner Danielle Cato pictured inside facility 

Mental Health Activity Center Features Axe Throwing & Plate Breaking Rooms

New Southfield Facility Specially Designed for Users to Destress and Decompress

DETROIT – February 22, 2022– High energy stress relieving and mental health improvement activities are a perfect antidote to COVID-induced isolation and the frustrations of everyday life. Some people get their release from exercise but there are more fun, direct ways to let off steam. A new facility, 1:11 The Collective, is metro Detroit’s first interactive experience with physical activities tailored as release-valves for life’s pressures, allowing users to release tension in rejuvenating and enjoyable ways. Located at 15618 W. 10 Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan 48075, 1:11 The Collective is now open for stress relief here with sessions starting at $30 an hour. 

The facility houses specially designed rooms with nontraditional therapeutic activities, including axe throwing, the Break Room for plate smashing sessions, an affirmation wall, speed bagging, sound therapy, and full-body massage chairs. To help clients disconnect from distractions and reconnect with the inner self, there will be couples’ activities, yoga and therapeutic classes. This safe space to release stress will also offer virtual reality therapy.

1:11 The Collective was founded by Danielle Cato, a licensed clinician in school-based settings and in private practice.  She says the business’s name combines the number one, for independence, with the number 11, for motivation – and that it is styled as 1:11 to indicate that the time is right to form empowering collectives.

 “I have worked in the mental health sector for years while studying various forms of clinical services,” Cato says. “From experience, I have adapted a nontraditional framework that includes an immersive opportunity to become mentally healthy.”

Access to 1:11 The Collective will start at $30 an hour, with monthly memberships for some of the classes. Clients must be 16 or older, and at least 18 for the axe throwing room. There will be trained attendants on site and there are no fitness requirements for participants. Tickets can be purchased at Follow on Instagram at @111thecollective. 


About Danielle Cato, PhD 

Danielle Cato, PhD, is a Detroit native, community-builder and passionate entrepreneur. Her work in social service focuses on youth and family development, and she has extensive experience in program design. Cato was recently accepted into the 40 Under 40 Detroit Entrepreneur Program. In both 2012 and 2017, she received the Spirit of Detroit Award. She was inducted into the Michigan Chronicle’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2019, was named to Who’s Who in Black Detroit, and to the Oakland County Elite 40 Under 40.


Plan Pray Parent Notebook – free download w/bonus #motownmom

The Plan Pray Parent Notebook was created to help you find Your way to success and happiness with your children, in your home, with your business and most importantly in yourself. 


How to Love a Black Woman guide to rants, raves and self love 

What you will find inside:

The 3 principals in detail of Plan Pray Parent, plus ways to take note and make reminders to help you on your journey to success and happiness


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CNBC: Food prices are still rising. Here are 4 ways to slash your grocery bill.