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SEP 21 Personal Development -Health & Wellness by April Christain Davis | Metro #Detroit #motownmom

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A delightful event for women who just need a day to relax with like-minded successful women who enjoy, health, wellness, beauty, food, wine.

About this Event

Health and Beauty experts will provide you with a personal wellness plan moving into a new you in 2020.

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Helene Gidley– Managing Life’s Chaos with Personal Kanban.

Kristen R. Clore, BS, MOT, OTRL, C.W.C.

Holistic Occupational Therapist, Nutrition Response Practitioner ®

Whitney Williams – The Women’s Center- Life Balance is it possible?

April Christian -Davis – Holistic approach to Self- care beauty and wellness.

Helene Gidley

Founder and Agile Coach | 734-358-1262 |

A2Agile Inc. |

“A co-founder of A2Agile Inc., Helene Gidley, PMP, CSM, has been working as an Agile trainer, mentor, and coach for over fifteen years. She is also a coach of coaches, leading the annual Agile Coach Retreat in Ann Arbor MI.

Helene created HSG Consulting LLC where she assisted teams since 2003 navigating their agile journeys. She has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry at Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies bringing broad experience in coaching and training project teams.

Helene is the founder of Agile Groupies, a Scrum Alliance Meetup, based in Ann Arbor with over 400 members located in the southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio area, and can be found providing training and speaking at Meetups, Agile & Beyond conferences, and PMI Chapter meetings.”

Helene will speak on : Managing Life’s Chaos with Personal Kanban.

April Christan -Davis

Self-Care Specialist – Avoiding Burnout a serious problem among successful,

professional women business owners. April shares her experience of how she almost died trying to operate her business, raise twins, and finsh B.A. Degree in Marketing Communication from Eastern Michigan University . Now April has dedicated her life to helping women take time to enjoy life and smell the roses and most importantly avoid burnout.


Founder: Breakout Marketing GroupLLC

Kristen Clore

Kristen Clore OTR, CWC is an occupational therapist, certified wellness coach, and nutrition response testing practitioner. She has a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. As an occupational therapist, Kristen works to help restore her patient’s cognitive and physical function to achieve independence in daily activities that improve the quality of life. At the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, Kristen helps patients to reach their full potential through individualized whole food nutrition programs developed using nutrition response testing.

Kristen completed her bachelor’s degree in science, and her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Eastern Michigan University. She also completed certificate training in manual lymphatic therapy, kinesiotaping, and therapeutic Tai Chi. Kristen’s passion is helping others achieve a truly natural, whole food approach to support an active, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle that helps you achieve your optimal quality of life!

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Teen Privacy: The Closed-Door Policy

Somewhere around age 12, kids start locking their bedroom doors. Decide where you’ll draw the line on tween and teen privacy.

Teen privacy: the closed door policy

It happens. Somewhere between the ages of 12 and 13 your kid starts locking his door.

I remember approaching my son’s room a few years back, laundry piled past my nose, when I couldn’t turn the door knob and burst in like I always had in the past.

I stared at the knob for a minute, and then looked back down the hall to make sure I was in the right place.

“Hello?” I called.


“Why is your door locked?” I asked in disbelief.

“What do you want?” he called back, seemingly exasperated.

I was in shock. What do I want? I’m the mother. I have 15 pounds of laundry that I’m about to drop, and I can’t open one of the doors in my house!

My son, of course, opened the door with the standard I-can’t-believe-you’re-bothering-me look on his face.

We have since compromised. He no longer locks the door, but I knock first and introduce myself, “This is your mother. Remember me? I need to speak with you for a minute.”

At some point, your teen will want more privacy and he or she – just like my son – might start locking the door.

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Long-Term Effects of Parental Favoritism via @MetroParent #motownmoxiemom #detroit #mommyblog

Do you ever play favorites among your kids, or know parents who do? The impact of parental favoritism, good and bad, may run deeper than you think.

Long-term effects of parental favoritism

Effects of parental favoritism, left unchecked, can be long lasting. A 2010 study titled Mothers’ Differentiation and Depressive Symptoms Among Adult Children found siblings who sensed that their mom consistently favored or rejected one child over another were more likely to exhibit depression in middle age.

The study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, also revealed that these possible outcomes can affect both the favored and unfavored child.

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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self-Care @DetroitMomsBlog #motownmoxiemom

Self Care

Self-care has been quite a buzzword the last couple of years. And no wonder since according to Charlotte Lieberman’s article “How Self-Care Became So Much Work,” the majority of Americans are feeling more overworked, stressed out, and anxious than ever before.

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13 Hacks for Parents [video]

SAFE has a Serena Williams designed purse

SAFE has entered into the annual Allstate Purple Purse Challenge to raise funds during October which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we need YOUR help to win BIG prizes!
SAFE has been selected to participate in the Purple Purse Challenge, a national fundraising contest for Domestic Violence Organizations funded by Allstate Foundation.
The challenge is specifically for organizations focused on domestic violence issues compete to raise the most money for their cause and WE NEED YOUR HELP
 Every donation makes all the difference so please CLICK HERE and give what you can.
Thank you for your support!!!
SERENA WILLIAMS is the Allstate PURPLE PURSE Challenge Ambassador. Serena Williams designed this purple purse, pictured below.  SAFE has been given one purse which will be given to the person who joins SAFE’s Team and raises the most money


SAFE Logo Croped Clouds
This challenge is designed to help domestic violence awareness programs raise money to support their work regarding economic abuse.  Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness.
Click here to learn how the Allstate Foundation supports domestic violence and raises awareness regarding economic abuse. There are also resources and tools for victims and survivors of abuse:
Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Mission
To equip survivors with the financial tools and resources needed to enable women to leave or recover from the economic portion of domestic violence.
Please forward widely to your contacts and networks 
Thank you for your support!
Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment, 269 Walker Street, #721, Detroit, MI 48207

Donate to Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance today! #motownmom


As a former Cody Comet this is near and dear to my heart and I need you guys to help and support my high school sister, Kenyetta M Peoples who is really awesome.

Because of these women… #motownmom #womensmonth

These female pioneers—among countless others—shaped the internet as we know it.

#LateNight #MotownMom Confession: My kids never celebrated Halloween cuz I was a broke single mom.

Late Night #MotownMom Confession: My kids never celebrated Halloween cuz I was a broke single mom. I would just tell them it was the Devil’s Weekend & since we lived in Detroit they believed me & never asked.

It wasn’t that I was ashamed to be a single mom or even broke, I just knew I couldn’t spend money on three kids to dress them up.

I know what you’re saying, I could have easily made something up around the house. I’m creative.

Yeah, but I’m tired and I was not about to exert any energy on three kids, when I worked a full-time job, was a full time published author, head of the household and barely scrapping two pennies together to get heat.

Dressing the kids up for Halloween was the last thing on my list and I enjoyed my peace over their happiness.

I sometimes extended myself, if we had a car to take them to a church friendly function where they could get a bag of candy and have a go.

Otherwise, after Halloween, I’d wait for the costumes to become discounted and buy about twenty dollars worth put it in their dress-up trunk and let them use them throughout the year to just have fun around the house.

Do I feel any sort of guilt by having them miss out on things like that for their childhood?

Actually no.

My peace of mind was really more important and once my oldest was big enough to walk around and understand what Halloween really was, she actually took the youngest one out once or twice in the “nice” parts of Metro Detroit, but like me, she wasn’t into all that walking around and funny, the younger one wasn’t all into getting candy since I never had candy readily around the house.

On a side note, I’d also buy the discounted candy and use it for their Thanksgiving and Christmas bags.

Smart Mommy.