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Grab a journal and make sure it’s known by all household members

My survival book with my hubby, also pictured with my garden book as well. Cheap journals from the dollar tree.

I call mine the survival book. It’s tabbed out from Contacts (Directory), Supplies in the House, Evacuation Plans, Tips and Notes.

This has all our contacts written down including addresses, phone numbers & emails. (I pulled from our wedding list, printed it out and added to the book)

Today we’re talking about Contacts

Emergency Contacts are the phone numbers that you have instructed ADT to call if we receive an an emergency alarm signal or to confirm a false alarm from your protected premises.

During an alarm event, ADT will first call the number(s) you have designated as your primary number. This number is typically your residence, mobile phone or place of business. If there is no answer at this primary number (or under other circumstances), ADT will call the people on your Emergency Contact list in the order in which you have listed them.

We recommend that you have at least three contacts in your list. Update your contact list.

Who to Put in there and how

Of course family and close friends. I have mine highlighted for importance. Who I need to call first in hot pink and then family in yellow. Secondary friends in a light green.

Establishing a circle is important because if crap hits the fan I want to hurry up and find people or I need to know fast who needs to be help. I put different colored dots for handicap, seniors and single mommies.

This also helps in contacts when I had to call people after my husband was rushed to the hospital. I didn’t have to think about it. I just knew who to contact and in what order.

This list should be done annually and discussed with all parties in the house.

Contact Guidelines

The people listed in your contact list should:

  • Be aware that they are on the contact list if they are in the red. They know in an emergency they will be contacted if YOU have an emergency. At least two of these people should know a special password or the password that when said verbally it’s a real emergency.

Your contact list may change when you travel out of town, so sometimes you may add an addendum sheet and take a picture of it when you travel.

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