Nest brings Makers United Program to Detroit – Designer Tracy Reese coordinates program #motownmoms

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Pictured: Detroit Maker Shayla Johnson of Scarlet Crane

Nest brings Makers United Program to Detroit

Designer Tracy Reese coordinates program for Detroit Artisan Makers


DETROIT- June 18, 2020 – Nest, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing global workforce inclusivity, will bring the transformative Makers United Project to Detroit. Makers United is a multi-stakeholder initiative that connects and strengthens the community of diverse makers across the United States. The program’s goal is to connect artisan makers, craft makers, and more from all over the country. Designer Tracy Reese, who grew up in Detroit, will coordinate the effort alongside Detroit consulting firm Gusto Partners, which will spearhead program implementation in Detroit. Their efforts are supported by the Same Sky Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies.


“Detroit has so much to offer the world, and I think when people think of Detroit, the focus is not always on the rich cultural life of this city,” said Reese, whose new, sustainable brand, Hope for Flowers is based in Detroit. Reese serves on the Nest Board of Trustees. “Through Nest’s Makers United program, I’m hoping that we’re able to create concrete opportunities that may not have already existed for the amazing artisans in my hometown. I also want to open their eyes to opportunities that were already here that, for some reason, they do not have access to.”


The Nest Makers United Program focus in Detroit is to analyze the city’s landscape to provide insight into local maker communities, highlighting the unique challenges entrepreneurs face in small business development within distinct markets. These learnings are then translated into action through continued workshops, marketplace activations, and local partnerships. The program also has launched in Birmingham, Alabama; Austin, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas.


Shayla Johnson, the owner of Scarlet Crane, is an early ambassador of the project. Specializing in minimalist line drawings and watercolor paintings to create contemporary patterns that bring everyday products to life, she has been a maker and textile designer in Detroit for six years. Her passion is creating hand-printed art and textiles to make unique home decor and accessories.


“I think the program is a great opportunity to connect all makers with opportunities they may not otherwise know about,” Johnson said.


The launch of the Detroit program comes during a time where the world is seeing a shift in businesses as communities confront the COVID-19 pandemic as well as systemic racial injustice towards Black people. Nest joins the country in coming face-to-face with deeply rooted structural racism that has permeated Americans’ everyday lives and forthrightly asserts its commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement.


“This is a program where, at its heart, we focus on ensuring that makers that are disproportionately more likely to have barriers to needed services and business growth support—from financing to market access—get the education, exposure, and support they need,” said Nest Founder Rebecca van Bergen. “As we expand into Detroit, ensuring that Black maker and artisan voices are amplified with regard to the structural impediments they face as well as the opportunities that could expand their business’ potential will be a paramount tenant to the Makers United Project.”


To learn more about the Nest Makers United Project, go to or email For media and interviews via video conference or telephone with Tracy Reese, contact




About Nest

Nest’s Makers United program is a multi-stakeholder initiative that connects and strengthens the community among the wide diversity of makers across the United States, building a vibrant and inclusive maker population. Leveraging the maker movement’s potential to generate opportunity for all makers, regardless of sex, race, economic means, or physical ability, Maker’s United is committed to economic inclusion. Visit


About Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese is an American Designer who recently launched her line Hope for Flowers, a new, sustainably designed collection that reflects Reese’s deep commitment to her hometown of Detroit and its continued revitalization. The collection is produced in Detroit through the training and employment of local artisans. Hope for Flowers is the first of its kind in Detroit and the State of Michigan. Visit

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