PRESS RELEASE: DR. Phil CBS Production Features Transition 1.2.3. Inc., of Detroit, MI @transition123in #motownmom

Transition 1.2.3. Inc.
P.O. Box 32313 Detroit, MI 48232
Contact: Tyrice Kirkland
Direct: 313.415.3673
DR. Phil CBS Production Features Transition 1.2.3. Inc., of Detroit, MI
We are thrilled to share with you that our organization Transition 1.2.3. Inc., will be presented on the Dr. Phil Show Friday, May 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm EST on CBS Channel 50 in Detroit and it will be showing nationally on all CBS stations.   A viewing party will be held locally on Friday, May 10, 2019 at 4:00 pm located at The Ford Patio, 18490 W. Ford Road, Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Phil was honored to hear about the transitional housing facility in Detroit which the CEO, Chacrice Miles has been using to shelter for women seeking a safe haven from homelessness or domestic violence.
About Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil McGraw, perhaps the most well-known mental health professionals in the world, is the host of the #1 daytime talk show Dr. Phil. Now in its 17th season, this trailblazing and award-winning show continues to provide the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. Dr. Phil McGraw has a unique ability to take complicated and technical information and make it accessible and understandable to the general public.
About Chacrice Miles
Chacrice, founder and CEO of Transition 1.2.3 was a beautician, during which time, she volunteered with other organizations helping in the fight against Domestic Violence. Like Dr. Phil, Chacrice as a survivor for over twenty years understands the effect of domestic violence and the impact it has on mental health. This allowed her to see that women had a greater need beyond her beautification skills.  Since 2004, Ms. Miles has dedicated her life to this vision. Her mission is to be a catalyst in the lives of disenfranchised women to enable them to move to a plateau of success in every aspect of their lives: spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.  For over twelve years, Ms. Miles, has been funding this non-profit organization utilizing personal finances along with small monetary and in-kind donations received from fundraisers and grants.
About Transition 1.2.3 Inc.
Transition 1.2.3 Inc., provides housing for homeless women 18 years and older. The transitional homes are newly remodeled, clean and completely furnished facilities providing water, electricity, gas and basic essentials. Transition 1.2.3 also offers BED/DET (Building Economic Development of Detroit) Housing Program which eventually allows the women within the transitional facilities to have access to permanent affordable housing opportunities. 
Domestic violence is the leading cause of homeless women (National Law Center on Homeless & Poverty).  1 in 3 women have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner (The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). So as Detroit continues to rebuild and grow there will be an increased need for safe havens for women and their children. Transition 1.2.3 recognizes this potential and plans to build an all-inclusive transitional housing facility that will accommodate 20 families. 
Transition 1.2.3, Inc. has also been honored by and featured in the Investigative Discovery – ID Channel and Glamour Magazine in October 2016 for the “Everyday Hero” award in New York.  Chacrice Miles was also highlighted on the “Today’s Show”, by Tamron Hall.  Ms. Miles/Transition 123, has a full-page featured in the August 2017 issue of PEOPLE Magazine (Audrey Hepburn on cover)  as Investigation Discovery and PEOPLE raises awareness of domestic violence for the “Inspire A Difference” campaign.  Also, Transition featured a stage play, “No Place to Go” with the Perri Sisters in 2018 for awareness on domestic violence and received the Spirit of Detroit award from Manpower Mentoring.
Transition 1.2.3, Inc.
7439 Woodrow Wilson Street 
Detroit, MI 48206 (Confidential)
Office: (877)463-2269 / Field: (313)808-3878  

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  1. I’ve been suffering from verbal abuse for 38years. I’m in disability from bipolar and PTSD from child trama and physical abuse from a previous relationship. I don’t have a car or license. He is my payee. I see many Dr. and on oxygen. Nowhere to go. As if now to close to killing myself. Need so much help

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