#MotownMom: Lovers Only To Source from Farm Field Table & Other Michigan Artisans


Lovers Only to Source from Farm Field Table as Well as Other Michigan Artisans

Ahead of its March opening, the Capitol Park restaurant shares details on its ingredients and menu


Proprietor Eli Boyer, Co-Chefs Justin Tootla and Jennifer Jackson

(DETROIT, MI; March 1, 2018)— The team behind Ferndale’s successful seafood spot Voyager aims to highlight Michigan’s wealth of local artisans at their upcoming Capitol Park restaurant Lovers Only. Proprietor Eli Boyer alongside Co-Executive Chefs Jennifer Jackson and Justin Tootla worked carefully to select quality ingredients for each element of their menu: from the meat to the buns, ice cream, and more.

Collaborating closely with butcher Farm Field Table, Chefs Jackson and Tootla created a customized meat grind for Lovers Only’s burgers using 100% pasture-raised Michigan beef. Dry-aged chuck, brisket, and short rib creates a combination of umami, meatiness, richness, and complexity that results in the ultimate marriage of flavor and texture for their burgers. Those burgers include the Classic Smash on a sesame potato roll with a 6 oz.  patty, onion, mayo, and mustard and the Burlington on a brioche bun with a 6 oz. patty, dijonaise, raw and cooked onions, pickle relish, and Wisconsin-style cheddar cheese sauce. Lovers Only will also serve a handful of other sandwiches, including The Extern with cold fried chicken with house slaw and white bbq sauce.

Along with Farm Field Table’s selection of family farm-raised meats, Lovers Only will source their buns from Brown’s Bun Bakery and Alharamine International Foods, milk from Guersney Farms Dairy, ice cream from Calder Dairy for their milkshakes, and bologna and hot dogs from Sy Ginsberg.

“Michigan is home to so many incredible artisans and family-owned companies: from butchers like Farm Field Table that work to highlight small producers and farms to businesses like Sy Ginsburg that have been perfecting their recipes for generations. We want to be a burger joint for Detroit, so naturally we’re partnering with the best local purveyors possible,” says Proprietor Eli Boyer.







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