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YE8ZOEi5_400x400Playground bullies are just a rite of passage for most school aged kids. However, when the unfair treatment comes from a teacher, how do you comfort your child? I had to dig deep in my mommy bag of comfort tools to console my 7-year old son when one of his teachers was aggressive with him, but overlooked the same actions of his classmate.

First, I let him know I loved him and he was a good son.  I advised him to make better choices in class. Just because little Johnny could get away with goofing off did not mean he should do the same.

Second, I let him know the importance of taking his education seriously.  You should work really hard in class and do extra work if you get bored.  Third, he let him know that as an African-American male in a predominately Caucasian class room he had to be careful of his actions.  Regardless of why the teacher was singling him out, I imparted a sense of responsibility to be a leader in the classroom instead of following the poor decisions made by others.

My son’s plight resonated with me because I endured bullying in the workplace from a supervisor. Described as the silent epidemic, workplace bullying is the repeated abusive behavior that is intimidating, humiliating or threatening. In the 2014 survey completed by the Workplace Bullying Institute 65 million American workers were impacted by workplace bullying.  Sixty percent of the targets are women with bosses being seventy-five (75%) percent of the perpetrators.

I was singled out for things other staff members could do without any repercussions, such as late assignments, running behind schedule or mishaps in presentations. If I was scolded for being late, I made sure to arrive at work 15 minutes early.  I completed work assignments a day early instead of the day of the deadline.  I improved my presentation skills to the point where I received compliments instead of criticism.

My transformation was not an easy one, first I had to acknowledge my strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities.  It is easy to assess others, but undergoing a personal assessment can be challenging.  I wrote a list of my characteristics that were strengths and the ones I need to improve. Every two weeks I reviewed by lists weaknesses and checked off the ones I mastered.

Second, I took the time for personal reflection and prayer. As a mother of young children and a wife, everyone pulled on me for something. Taking the time to re-charge was key to my process. I learned to confess my feelings in prayer and instantaneously forgive my bullies.  Expelling negative feelings helped me to keep a clear mind and stay focused on my work ahead.

I provide additional strategies in my soon to be released book, Resilience: Living Life by Design, which is a compilation of the experiences of 11 other women who beat the odds to overcome adversity.

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