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These days, it is hard to find someone who is not living under pressure or stress from one thing or the other. Most people are under various types of stress and increasingly, more people are not handling stress properly, which leads to health related issues and depression.

The state of the world’s economy has become a major contributor to many stressed individuals across the globe. In the United States, unemployment rate is about 9.4 percent. The number of people without health insurance is about 49.9 million according to the Census Bureau and the percentage in 2010 of uninsured people is about 16 percent. These are discouraging numbers and understandably why so many people are in fear and under stress of losing their jobs, getting a pay cut, worried about their health, their future and indeed for parents the future of their kids.

Some of the effects of stress are:

  1. Health related issues – high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigues and low immune system.
  2. Depression – stress leads a lot of individuals to depression, some without a way out of it.
  3. Loneliness – most stressed or depressed people usually suffer from loneliness, which in itself can be a stress contributor.

How does one combat or reduce the effect of stress? How does one live a stress free life? How does one go through life with so much uncertainties without worrying too much and risk living an unhealthy life?

To avoid or combat stress or the state of being stressed, some of the actions one can take are:

    1. Exercise – taking walks and regular medium to high level activities is an excellent way of reducing stress or the effects of stress.
    1. Weight loss – this will improve your brain functions and ultimately help in reducing your stress.
    1. Healthy living – the better types of food you consume, you increase your immunity, combating any stress related factors.
    1. Support group – family, friends and co-workers are very good for your health, as long as you have a healthy relationship with them. Spending time with loved ones ensures that you get the sense of belonging to a select group of wonderful people you want to spend quality time with.
    1. Laughter – the best medicine is no joke. Laughing has been known to improve brain function.
    1. Meditation – a great stress relief activity. Studies have stressed the importance of taking a few minutes: 10-15 minutes of quiet time to reflect and clear your mind and reboot.
  1. Faith – depending on your beliefs, using your faith to your advantage helps you feel better about yourself.

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