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Touch Tuesday with Versandra Kennebrew

2012 is here, the year to ignite your imagination and become the best mom possible for your baby. To help you achieve this goal, I will share what I know about loving nurturing touch and how it will help you bond with your child and encourage good social skills with other children and enhance mental and physical development. Over the next 12-months I will share with you the essence of my studies of the human body, a little touch psychology sprinkled with some funny baby/mommy scenarios.

For more than a decade I have served my community as a myomassologist and have written about touch for publications such Mind Body Soul Magazine and Massage Magazine. I invite your comments as we discuss the need for parents to share more loving, nurturing touch with their children. Some of the reasons are obvious but for many who did not receive appropriate or supporting touch growing up, this information could not only be new but profound. Please ask questions and I will do my best to answer with sincerity and scientific evidence.

Some of our Touch Tuesday topics will include: Which Way Is Up?, Healing infant massage moves, Why Is My Baby Screaming?, Massage for discovery and Stop Tickling My Feet!

Negative infant touch causes adult idiosyncrasies. Lets support our little ones as they develop into healthy adults, mind body and spirit.

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About Versandra Kennebrew

For more than a decade, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Myomassologist Versandra Kennebrew has been teaching the art of touch to couples and singles in private classes, home gatherings and retreats. After experiencing touch deprivation in a former marriage she began studying scientific evidence on touch deprivation published by Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami and other mental health experts. What she discovered prompted the development of a creative coaching program to remedy this malady. Today this trail blazer is manifesting her vision of teaching professionals around the globe how to use the art of touch to build more healthy relationships with self and others through loving, nurturing touch. Versandra Kennebrew is on a mission to make self-care and healthy touch awareness a global priority. She is the CEO of VKI Personal Development LLC, providing training, coaching and retreats live and virtually. VKI Personal Development certifies Touch Artist’s who are marriage ministry leaders, counselors and other holistic healing professionals. She has also published six personal development books, produced several poetic prose for life transformation and is the resident Holistic Health and Life Coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. After completing her Certified Touch Artist training program, trainers facilitate workshops, home gatherings, retreats and virtual classes for their clients in order to promote self-care, intimacy and healthy non-verbal communication. Class participants are invited to tap into their imagination and spirituality to become touch artist’s creating touch masterpieces with their hands. Coach Versandra received her professional training from Irene’s Myomassology Institute 1999, Michigan, Wayne County Community College 2004, Michigan, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2014, New York, and Toastmasters 2016, GA. Visit to watch videos from television interviews and art of touch training demonstrations.

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