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Touch Tuesday with Versandra Kennebrew

2012 is here, the year to ignite your imagination and become the best mom possible for your baby. To help you achieve this goal, I will share what I know about loving nurturing touch and how it will help you bond with your child and encourage good social skills with other children and enhance mental and physical development. Over the next 12-months I will share with you the essence of my studies of the human body, a little touch psychology sprinkled with some funny baby/mommy scenarios.

For more than a decade I have served my community as a myomassologist and have written about touch for publications such Mind Body Soul Magazine and Massage Magazine. I invite your comments as we discuss the need for parents to share more loving, nurturing touch with their children. Some of the reasons are obvious but for many who did not receive appropriate or supporting touch growing up, this information could not only be new but profound. Please ask questions and I will do my best to answer with sincerity and scientific evidence.

Some of our Touch Tuesday topics will include: Which Way Is Up?, Healing infant massage moves, Why Is My Baby Screaming?, Massage for discovery and Stop Tickling My Feet!

Negative infant touch causes adult idiosyncrasies. Lets support our little ones as they develop into healthy adults, mind body and spirit.

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About Versandra Kennebrew

I am Love. I am a healer. I teach love and peace. Translation: I am a certified Health Coach, Author of "The Soul of a Winner," "Thank God for the Shelter" "The Art of Reinventing You" and a variety of other VKI personal development products and services. I have been a certified massage therapist for more than a decade and I use all of my gifts and talents as a teacher and presenter supporting holistic health professionals and enthusiasts as they create the healthy and happy lives they've always dreamed. Affiliations: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Impact Writers LLC, Motown Writers Network, Coalition on Temporary Shelter, Night Watch Expressions Radio Show, Recognitions: Who's Who in Black Detroit, Spirit of Detroit Award, Distinguished Service Award, Verizon Everyday Hero Nominee, Mix 92.3 25 Most Influential Tastemakers Health is mind, body and spirit working in symphony. I want to be your optimal health conductor.

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