Because we’re so, so smitten.

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Just a little poem about Michigan…

Michigan, the mitten, we’re smitten with you.

You’ve got Great Lakes and four seasons too.

Of your nature, your beauty, we’re quick to approve,

But for a decent economy, we might have to move.

They’re trying to fix you, to “help” us all out,

They say you’ll get better, but some of us doubt.

Of your minimum wage, they want it to raise,

They say a new trail, this quick fix would blaze.

From seven forty to ten dollars flat,

We’ll eliminate poverty lickety… splat.

We’ll consequently raise the cost of living too,

A two-for-one deal we didn’t think through.

Some will get raises and blazes will brew,

Because others will think they deserve raises too.

And then some will lose jobs and mobs will be mad,

But employers won’t afford the employees they had.

And maybe, just maybe in part two of the plan,

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Program Teaches Girls To Stand Strong Against Bullying

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OAK PARK (WWJ) – Standing up and standing strong against bullying — that’s the message for a group of girls at one Ferndale Public School.

It’s Girls Stand Strong, an anti-bullying program for girls in 4th through 6th grade at Kennedy Elementary School.

“The girls will learn about how to stand up to bullies, how to avoid becoming a bully themselves, how to become a good friend and to make sure they’re finding good friends, and just different ways to help cope with different feelings that come along when you’re bullied,” says Lauren Kloss with Ferndale Youth Assistance, which is facilitating the program.

She says, “I teach them what I call back-pocket comments, where they learn one-liners of things to say when someone’s teasing them. For example, if they’re teasing them about their clothes, they can say something like, ‘Well I don’t dress for you, sorry’ — and just shrug…

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To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store


Awesome testimony!

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Dear woman behind me in line at the grocery store,

You don’t know me. You have no clue what my life has been like since October 1, 2013. You have no clue that my family has gone through the wringer. You have no clue that we have faced unbelievable hardship. You have no clue we have been humiliated, humbled, destitute.
You have no clue I have cried more days than not; that I fight against bitterness taking control of my heart. You have no clue that my husband’s pride was shattered. You have no clue my kids have had the worries of an adult on their shoulders. You have no clue their innocence was snatched from them for no good reason. You know none of this.

What you do know is I tried to buy my kids some food and that the EBT machine was down so I couldn’t buy…

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#Detroit #Event:The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Presents “SOCIAL JUSTICE” Fri,March 21,2014 @CHWMAAH

Detroit- Friday, March 21, 2014, The Award Winning Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers, presents “SOCIAL JUSTICE”, a curated, live storytelling event at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, 315 E. Warren Ave. Detroit, MI 48201, 8:00-10:30 PM. Doors open @7:30 pm. Real People. True Stories. Told Live. Featuring Twisted Storytellers Commander Dale Brown, Pastor Bill Wylie-Kellermann, Shorty, Aldonna Smith and more…! with Twisted Musical Guests Francine Dent and Twisted Dance Guests Tyra Johnson & Ronald Moore of Marygrove College! Hosted by Moth Mainstage Storyteller & Host, Satori Shakoor. CASH BAR! To join mailing list please text “Stories” to 42828. For info, tickets and to watch videos of past performances, visit :


Also, if you or any member of your organization would like to share a story at one of our upcoming events or if you would please recommend someone to share a story we would greatly appreciate the generosity.


If you would haven’t attended one of our events and would like to please contact me via email or phone313-744-6037. I would be happy to make arrangements.



Satori Shakoor

Producer & Curator

Sex Trafficking in Metro #Detroit Discussion Apr 17th #motownmom #labw

Date:Thursday, April 17, 2014
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
4229 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
Mary Hollens
Regional Director of Development
Metropolitan Detroit
4229 Cass Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48201
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#Michigan Women’s Caring Program Child Day Care Scholarships #MotownMom

image001Are you in need of assistance with Day Care?

There are so many families that are making too much income to qualify for DHS Child Day Care assistance, but just not enough to afford to pay for Child Day Care on their own.  Please share.

These scholarships are designed for families whose income is above the range of state and federal assistance, but below a comfortable existence for necessities like childcare.

Please share with client’s as a resource for families that may not qualify for Child Day Care.

Refer to website for further details:


About Willow Books

About Willow Books.

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Two things to give to our children… #motownmom

Mother’s Monday: A Mother Never Forgets by @DeannaKahler #MotownMom

I’m a proud mom of a wonderful daughter who joined my family through adoption. But that’s only part of my story. The truth is there were two before her. I was pregnant twice and sadly lost both babies as a result of miscarriages. Like many women, I will never forget these unborn babies or the experiences I had. They will be a part of me always. Since October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time discuss how losing a baby affects a woman and how we can all be more understanding and supportive to these grieving moms.

There are truly no words to describe what it feels like to lose a child. It’s a devastating, heartbreaking experience that you never forget. I remember feeling sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, depressed and very alone. What made it most difficult is that friends and family often didn’t understand the depth of my pain. They failed to realize that although I never saw, met or held my babies that they were still very real to me. They were my children, and I will remember them always. Many women who miscarry feel the same way. So, how can you better support them during this difficult time? Here are some tips for helping a woman who is dealing with a pregnancy loss: Read the rest of this entry

“2013 Empowerment Weekend” October 11-12, 2013 in #Detroit | FREE event! #motownmom #mwn


Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) and Wayne County Community College District – Northwest Campus Presents SAFE’s 2013 Empowerment Weekend

“Strengthening survivors of domestic violence, their families and our community”

DETROIT, MI – September 4, 2013  Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) is presenting its signature free community event “2013 Empowerment Weekend” October 11-12, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  SAFE is dedicated to the financial empowerment of victims of domestic violence by providing training, workshops and resources to equip program participants with the tools necessary to become self-sufficient.  Wayne County Community College District – Northwest Campus has partnered with SAFE to ensure that this weekend is a success.
SAFE’s O.P.E.N. (Opportunity, Preparation, Entrepreneurship, Networking) for Business Conference is designed to support survivors of domestic violence in starting their own micro-enterprise. Key topics include starting, growing and sustaining a business along with supplementing current earnings to become self-sufficient and safety planning. This conference will be held October 11, 2013 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at a confidential location for 100 survivors of domestic violence.  To maintain participant confidentiality, location information for this event will only be given to registered attendees
SAFE’s Health & Wealth Expo is one of the signature events of SAFE’s Empowerment weekend and it will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2013, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at the Wayne County Community College Northwest District Campus at 8200 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan. SAFE’s Health & Wealth Expo is a free event open to men and women.  Free workshops will highlight topics such as healthy living on a budget, stress reduction, job seeking tips, domestic violence awareness and personal finance.  Other highlights include a free lunch sponsored by Whole Foods Market Detroit for the first 1,000 attendees with beverages provided by Sam’s Club’s Southfield, Michigan Club, health screenings, community resources, interviewing and resume tips, free massages and sample packs from various sponsors.  Over 750 people attended the last Expo and over 1,200 community members are expected to attend this year.
SAFE is dedicated to the financial empowerment of victims of domestic violence by providing training, workshops and resources to equip program participants with the tools necessary to become self-sufficient while implementing strategies to keep survivors of domestic violence safe from further abuse.  Since its inception SAFE has assisted over 730 victims of domestic violence and this event will serve as an opportunity to raise awareness in the community regarding domestic violence while equipping community members with information and resources to help them to live healthier, safer lives.
“SAFE’s Empowerment Weekend events have a proven record of helping members of our community connect with resources and information that they have utilized to help themselves and their families.”  Kalyn Risker, Founder and Executive Director, Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE)
Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to equip survivors of domestic violence with the appropriate financial tools and resources needed to enable women to leave or recover from the economic portion of domestic violence.
For more information, contact SAFE’s conference hotline at 888.225.0326 or visit for details about SAFE’s Empowerment Weekend, registration, sponsorship and media opportunities.
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Kalyn Risker
Executive Director
Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE)
269 Walker Street #721
Detroit, Michigan 48207
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